Spring is in full swing. That means you will want to get out more as the weather grows steadily warmer. With the changes in the temperature, you might want to change up your beauty routine. Here are a few great spring beauty tips that are sure to turn heads and make you both look and feel great.

What better way to ring in a change of seasons than to switch to a whole new, brighter lip color? Whether you prefer lipstick or lip gloss, you can really make a statement with a brilliant color you haven’t used in a while or even at all. Hues like coral red, light pink and something with a tinge of purple can bring a lovely brightness to your face and catch everyone’s attention. You can also try EOS lip balm with a hint of pink color. Not only will it brighten your face, but it will also nourish and hydrate your lips.

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of your health. It can be tricky to get enough Zs with the change of the seasons, especially during Daylight Savings. One of the best beauty tips for spring — or for any time of year — is to get at least a good eight hours of sleep each night. Have a regular routine set for each night and stick with it so that you can feel rested the next morning when you wake up. It can help you to look your best during the day this spring.

Change up your blush. During the winter season, you probably used a color that is more on the neutral side. Do the same thing with your blush as you do with your lip color. In other words, you can opt for a much brighter, colorful shade to make you stand out and to coincide with spring in general. Get out the pinks, corals and roses and you will look fresher and brighter this spring.

Now that the weather is growing warmer, you will be outdoors more often. With that said, it’s time to break out the sunscreen. It’s one of the most important parts of your beauty routine and is essential for protecting your skin whenever you’re outside in the sun. There are plenty of good brands from which to choose, but make sure you pick one that is at least SPF 50.

Finally, you should complete revamp your makeup bag. Go through your cosmetics and get rid of anything that’s old, expired or that you simply no longer use. Replace anything you remove with makeup that you will actually use throughout the spring. Doing away with the old and using the fresh and new will make you feel better and look even better as well.

Spring Beauty Tips

A playground for the rich and famous, Dubai’s streets are defined by extravagance. From fast cars to skyscrapers, the UAE city is the place to visit for those looking to indulge in the finer things in life. You’ll need to follow the fashion rules during your time in this beautiful, majestic city, however. Here, designer footwear retailer, Daniel Footwear, shows us what to wear in Dubai.

Daniel Footwear - What to wear in Dubai

Be honest. How often do you fantasise about doing something or being somewhere different? Are you guilty of wasting hours trawling through images of glistening golden beaches on Instagram? Or do you spend your afternoons counting down the seconds until the clock strikes 5 and the working day is over? If you’re stuck in a rut, is time to throw caution to the wind, and start making your dreams a reality? If you’re keen to shake things up now spring has arrived, here are some changes you may consider.

Finding a new job
It’s probably unrealistic to aim to find a job that you absolutely love, but there’s nothing worse than wasting years of your life doing something you hate. A job is a job, but you’ve got to spend thousands of hours of your life doing it, so you may as well try and find a role that makes you happy. We all have days when we wish we didn’t have to go to work, but it is possible to find a career that offers you a level of job satisfaction and holds your attention. If you don’t enjoy your job and you can’t think of many positives, look for something more closely matched to your passions and interests. You don’t have to hand in your notice straight away, but it’s worth looking around to see if there are more enticing opportunities out there.

Is It Time You Threw Caution To The Wind?

Fashion is the art of dressing up the body to reveal the mind, according to the stylists and famous brand designers. However, there’s a little more to it than just revealing the mind. What you wear doesn’t actually say what you think to the people in the street. But it may give an indication about how you perceive yourself, even if it is unconscious. However, you need to look beyond your choice of fashion items – after all, fashion is limited by trends, and it’s really difficult to go against trends when you buy your clothes from high street boutiques – and focus on your favourite statement pieces. Indeed, accessories are the key to making a statement, and they leave a lot more room for creativity than actual items of clothing. So whether you pick a large designer handbag or a subtle silver necklace, there’s a world of personal identity images that you project around you. It’s time to dive into the world of fashion statements to understand what other see when they look at you.

Your Relationship To Fashion Items

Before diving deep into the world of accessories, it’s good to understand the relationship that you have with fashion items. Forbes.com has provided a thorough review of the various fashion-related behaviors that people show, from the sentimental fashionista who can’t get rid of any fashion item even if they don’t fit anymore, to the wealth anxious person who can’t go anywhere without flashing designer logos. There’s a psychology behind the way you treat your clothes. It’s often picked up by the people around you, and it’s something that you can notice in response to your fashion style. For example, if you dress inappropriately or too sexily, you might notice that some people refuse to take you seriously. This is because they assume that you are looking for the wrong kind of attention. Being aware of how you see clothes, and how it impacts on your relationships with others, is the way to understand your identity.  

Think About Your Accessorizing Practice

While it is easy to think about the clothes your wear, it can be a little tricky to define your accessorizing habits. Often, the addition of accessories happens almost unconsciously. So, if you want the first idea of your accessorizing style, you can use a tool such as Meaww.com which analyses your profile picture on Facebook. Hipster, romantic, sporty and much more, the tool can give you the first indication of your style area. But you need to ask yourself the right questions to really pinpoint the elements that make your fashion statement. Of course, no online test will give you a straight and correct answer, but they can help you to think about your choices and your favorite items more in detail.

Expensive Items

If you find that you prefer to rely on classy and high-quality fashion accessories, it’s often a desire to conform. Maybe you feel insecure and need to prove your worth with a designer handbag, for example. At least, this is what others perceive, whether it is accurate or not. Nevertheless, if you are one for expensive fashion items, remember to check coupon offers on websites like DontPayFull.com so that you can indulge without breaking the bank. Be aware of what people think about you, as it may impact on how they treat you. Knowing is half the battle!

Low-Key And Neutral

Those who adopt a low-key look with neutral accessories tend to be seen as shy. Neutral colors and comfortable accessories, such as flat shoes with a pair of jeans, are at the core of a simple style. For people, it’s your way of saying that you don’t want to get noticed and that you are happy to remain invisible in the crowd. This type of statement is generally associated with the girl next door personality, so if you like the idea of being seen as a nice, trustworthy and shy person, this is the style for you.

Colourful And Bling

Women who like bold and colorful patterns, accessories and jewellery can seem overwhelming at first, especially if they enjoy mixing colours and textures. This type of style is perceived as a sign of self-confidence and creativity. You may find that your fashion look can make it difficult for people to come and talk to you as they can feel intimidated. However, they will know to admire your strength. If you enjoy everything that is bold and bling, you will probably need to keep your approach super friendly, so that you can help others to feel confident enough to come and talk to you. Be bold, smile and chat with them, in short!

Coordinated Accessories

If you find that your accessories tend to be coordinated and subtly elegant in an Audrey Hepburn sort of way, you will be perceived as a very organized soul. Your interlocutors may not see you as a creative person, but they will think of you as a professional and trustworthy woman. This style is best adopted in offices, as this will give exactly the right type of image to your colleagues.

I Don’t Like What My Fashion Statement Says About Me

Often, when you realise what you fashion statement says about you, you can begin to resent it. Don’t; there is no need for that. You are still in charge of the image that you give people. You are the one who creates the fashion statement. In short, you’re the creator, and you can be the destroyer too. Who said that you couldn’t change your style for something that would work better for who you are? If you want to appear more professional, you can opt for coordinated accessories. If you have received too much-unwanted attention, a low-key style will help you to disappear into the crowd. Just get the inspiration from the women you admire and create your fashion identity.

What Does Your Fashion Statement Say About You?


Choosing to move home is a big decision and one that requires careful planning. Here are some of the biggest factors worth considering before taking the plunge and relocating.

Counting the costs

Most people will choose try to move up the property ladder. This means added costs of living. Even if you’ve saved up for a deposit, can you afford increased monthly bills or mortgage rates/rent? On top of this moving comes with many other costs such as agency fees, lawyers and hiring movers. Make sure that all debts have been paid off and that you can comfortably afford this step up.

The alternative is to downsize. This may be an emergency situation for those that can’t afford living rates at their current property, but can be a good strategy for those wanting to make some money. Selling high and buying low gives you an extra sum of money to play with. This could be used to pay off debts, renovate or simply to spend leisure activities such as holidays and more luxury living.

Timing it key

There are times when moving is a sensible option. If you feel property prices are about to drop in your neighbourhood or you’ve been offered a lucrative job somewhere else, these are perfect times to consider moving. However, there may be times when a move could do damage such as pulling a child out of school during exam season, moving when someone is ill and needs to be looked after or moving at a financially bad time when property price may have devalued. Know when to wait it out and when to take the bull by the horns.

Knowing your needs

You’ll know it’s time to move when your current home no longer meets your current needs. If you’re considering starting a family or have recently had a newborn, you may want to consider a bigger home to accommodate your new needs. Contrastingly, if the children have recently moved out, you may want to downsize to a smaller property that feels more cosy and less like an empty nest. Recently developed disabilities meanwhile might cause you to want to move somewhere without stairs. Find your need to move, otherwise you could be leaving a home that’s perfectly practical for your style of living.  

Home is where the heart is

If you don’t feel attached to your current home and your heart yearns to live someplace else, this should be enough of a reason to move. You need to feel comfortable in your own home, as well as the area that it’s in. The home may have a lot of good practicalities, but if you feel isolated in it because you have no friends or family nearby, consider whether being around people you love is worth more than the pragmatism that your current home gives you.

Similarly, you should consider this when moving away from a comfortable to pursue a job or lower cost of living elsewhere. Some people are able to easily make new friends and connections wherever they move, but if your family and friendship ties are too much to break, this might not be a decision you feel able to make.


Are You Ready To Move Home?

One of the best things about being a girl is the ability to be so inventive with your appearance. Many men are otherwise disinterested in fashion and style, and the ones who aren't, unfortunately, don't have a lot of options open to them. For us women, however, things couldn't be more different. Whether you're a self-confessed fashionista, a dab hand with makeup or obsessed with all things hair, there are a million and one ways to switch up your look on a daily basis. But despite all this, we all have days when we feel down about our appearance. Maybe we can't find any clean clothes we feel comfortable in, or perhaps the dreaded bad hair day has loomed upon us. When this happens, it can be easy to get frustrated and to feel like you have lost an aspect of your femininity - something that can be really demeaning for many women. But don't let it affect your confidence - if you're feeling more drab than fab, here are a few simple things you can do to boost your femininity and get girly again.

Boost Your Femininity With These Beauty Tricks

Perfecting your look for a special occasion can be so much fun, but also pretty stressful. If you’ve got a ball, prom, night out, or something else coming up that requires you to get all dressed up, this post has got you covered. Perfecting your look for a special occasion is always worth it - after all, the pictures last forever.

Perfecting Your Look For A Special Occasion

Nobody is ever completely satisfied with the way they look. It’s in human nature to be critical about the curve of a hip, the colour of the skin, or even the shape of the eyes. Nobody can honestly say that they love what they see when they look in the mirror. But, thankfully, this isn’t a problem anymore. You can be more playful with your appearance to make sure that everybody only sees what you want them to see. After all, while you can’t change who you are, you can choose to put the accent on your best features, so that only what you love can shine. Here are three easy and affordable ways of doing it. There’s no need for surgical operations to feel good in your skin!

Makeup Like A Pro

Whether you like the shape or your face or not, there’s no doubt about it: You’d better work with it than against it. The shape of your face is defined by your bone structure. In short, your bones will decide whether you have a square chin, visible cheekbones, or even a large forehead. So it is important to understand how to make the most of your bone structure to enhance your look to your advantage. There are a few keywords for you to remember about makeup. The first one is contouring. It has rightly become a trend of everyday beauty routine, but it is easy to do too much of a good thing. Contouring needs to remain subtle so that you can add a sculpting effect to the most important features of your face without creating a dramatic or comical effect. The other way to sculpt your bone structure is to use highlighting to make sure that you can create a fresh look that catches the light. At best, you should combine both techniques subtly in your everyday routine. 

Hide The Scars

Unless you’ve lived all your life inside a glass bubble, it’s likely that you’ve fallen, burnt yourself or even caught something as insignificant as chickenpox. All these accidental damages made to your health can leave a lasting mark on your body. Scars are a nasty thing to have. But, they are unavoidable with the best of will. Some people deal with scars easily, by ignoring them. Others find that a physical scar is an emotional burden to carry, it’s an insult made to their appearance. If you are struggling with this feeling, you can look for products to help you get rid of the scars. You can find here a list of the most effective scar gel on the market, source: dabestreview.com, to help your skin gradually heal itself over the scarred area. This is not an immediate solution to your problem, but it is a long-term win if this is something that you want out of your life.  

Dress For Your Shape

Would you be surprised to hear that most people hate their body? Unfortunately, tools like Photoshop and the media have developed a new vision of perfection that many women find difficult to achieve. While you can still look for an effective fitness regime, there is another tip to look good without any effort: Dress for your shape. If you are a pear shape, you should create volume in your upper body with frills and waist clingers, for example. Don’t try to dress like Gigi Hadid; it won’t suit you. Similarly, she will never be able to rock a flared dress in the way that you do.


The Expert Tips To Love What You See In The Mirror

Make Good Mental Health a Priority

Building your jewelry collection is important, especially if you take pride in your outfits and how you look. Your jewelry can enhance your look, whether you’re going for ‘everyday casual’ or ‘going out glam.’ By building your jewelry collection steadily from the ground up, you can make sure you have all of the pieces you could ever need in your arsenal. You’ll never under-accessorize an outfit again! Here are the jewelry pieces all girls should have:

Jewelry Pieces All Girls Should Have

Whether it's your first relationship or your 50th, you will have probably realized by now that thing can get a little complicated! No relationship is plain sailing all of the time, and it's unreasonable to expect it to be. But on the other hand, if you always feel like you are fighting fires with your significant other (SO), then it's not much fun either. But don't stress because help is at hand. Just read on to find out whether your issues are similar to the ones that most people go through at some point in a relationship, and what you can do to deal with them.

You don't know whether you are actually in a relationship or not

Common Relationship Problems And What To Do About Them!

Although many relationships manage to last for very long periods of time, once the passion has died, it can be highly difficult to get it back again. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you should give up and accept that things can’t improve. 

If you are ready to get to work, the following is an overview of four ways you can put the passion back into your relationship.

4 Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship

How To Feel Good This Spring


Fashion Statement Pieces

Everybody has a bad hair day once in a while, but for some, living with hair problems means that every day is a bad hair day. There are a number of issues that people can suffer from, such as hair loss, greasy, frizzy, dried out hair, and going greying. When these problems arise, it can be a very nasty surprise, and there are many different causes of these issues.

If you have to live with any of these problems, don’t worry, as there is help available. You don’t have to suffer bad hair forever, as there are a number of solutions for you to try out.


Grey hair – Many celebs can pull of that sexy silver look, but if you look more witch than bewitching, then the grey haired look is probably not something you want to continue with. You don’t have to opt for a full, all over hair dye either, you can go for a softer approach of blending highlights in amongst your grey hairs, making them much less prominent.

Greasy hair – Your hair can get greasy through a range of causes, like hormone changes in your body, or even from over-washing and over-conditioning. If you use a lot of product on your hair, the product can build up and start to block your hair follicles. If this is happening then you might need to use a ‘detoxing’ treatment to clear it up and allow your glands to operate normally. Touching your hair too often and over-brushing can also contribute to having greasy hair. Many people make the mistake of washing their hair on a daily basis when trying to prevent the greasy look, but this can, in fact, make it look greasier if the glands are blocked.

Hair loss – Many women suffer from hair loss, in fact over 50% of women aged over 65 will suffer from it. It is not just this age bracket that is affected though, as stressful events such as an operation or childbirth can lead to hair loss. Other examples include suffering from alopecia, where the scalp develops balding patches. Hair loss can be treated in a number of ways and one of the best ways is to buy products such as hair regrowth shampoo to get the hair regrowth process to start over again. Other methods include choosing to wear a hairpiece, or in more extreme cases, undergoing a hair transplant.

Damaged hair – Hair can get easily damaged through everyday life. Using colors on your hair can dry it out, making it frizzy, so it is advisable to frequently use a good conditioning treatment. If you’ve ever been swimming at the beach, on a sunny but windy day, then you will know how hard it is to comb your hair afterwards. If you do this regularly then you will need to manage your hair through good quality conditioner. Blow drying your hair and using straighteners can also dry out your hair, so if you can, reduce the amount of times you use such styling tools, and soon enough, your hair will feel much healthier.

Living with hair problems


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