Boost Your Femininity With These Beauty Tricks

One of the best things about being a girl is the ability to be so inventive with your appearance. Many men are otherwise disinterested in fashion and style, and the ones who aren't, unfortunately, don't have a lot of options open to them. For us women, however, things couldn't be more different. Whether you're a self-confessed fashionista, a dab hand with makeup or obsessed with all things hair, there are a million and one ways to switch up your look on a daily basis. But despite all this, we all have days when we feel down about our appearance. Maybe we can't find any clean clothes we feel comfortable in, or perhaps the dreaded bad hair day has loomed upon us. When this happens, it can be easy to get frustrated and to feel like you have lost an aspect of your femininity - something that can be really demeaning for many women. But don't let it affect your confidence - if you're feeling more drab than fab, here are a few simple things you can do to boost your femininity and get girly again.

Wear something that shows off your figure

No, we're not talking about heading to work in a low cut tank top and a skin tight pencil skirt! But if you're already feeling a bit dowdy, covering yourself up in something completely shapeless isn't going to do anything for your confidence at all. You can still subtly show off your figure and feel womanly without going totally OTT. For example, look for items of clothing that purposely focus the attention around your waist. If you don't have a piece of clothing that does this, simply add a belt to a plain dress to cinch you in - perfect hourglass figure in seconds!

Have fun with makeup

You might not feel like putting makeup on when you're not feeling great about yourself, but it's no secret that makeup helps a lot of women feel much more confident every single day. You don't need to pile it on - a few subtle tweaks can easily give you a sleek, feminine look without having to use loads of product. For example, why not use an eyelash curler to easily enhance your natural lashes? If you're not sure what curler to use, look for more: Fill in your brows with an eyebrow pencil and add a lashing of lipstick, and you will immediately look much sleeker and 'put together.'

Let your hair down

Used to bundling your hair into a stubborn ponytail or messy bun? Sure, it might be practical, but it probably won't make you feel particularly womanly. Women have worn their hair long for centuries, and it is a notable sign of femininity. With that in mind, consider letting your's flow free for the day. If the ends are looking a little dry, rub some serum on your split ends to help revitalize them, and if you need a little more volume spritz a bit of dry shampoo through the root. Voila - beautiful, bouncy hair that is the very epitome of womanhood.

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