How To Feel Good This Spring

Hooray, spring is finally here! Admittedly it’s still pretty rainy and cold, but we’re finally out of February and the daffodils are starting to appear and the evenings are getting a whole lot lighter, so yes: officially, spring is on its way. That means it’s time for us all to ditch those cosy winter jumpers and to get up off our sofas and to rejoin the world of the living. Step out of your front door and breathe in that fresh air. Isn’t it wonderful? Here are some tips to help you shake off the last of your winter blues…
Get Active
There’s no better way to get the last of the winter cobwebs off you than by getting active. The most that we want to do after winter is some gentle yoga in our living rooms (and that two weeks in the gym that we all go through right after Christmas) so why not make yourself a spring resolution and start to get fit? Look online for exercise routines you can do at home, or join a pilates or Zumba class at the gym, or try out Couch To 5K. Maybe you could even aim to do a marathon some time next year!
Get Outside
The weather is finally no longer bitterly cold, which means you have no excuse to continue to huddle in your house drinking hot chocolate. It’s time to start walking again. A really easy way to get in shape is to get off the bus a stop earlier on your way home from work to walk a little further in the evenings – you should also ditch your car and walk wherever you possibly can. As the weather gets nicer and the skies get bluer, you definitely won’t regret it.
Get A Check Up
In the winter, a lot of us don’t really bother to do anything – and that includes visiting the doctor for a check up, unless we were struck down by the hideous winter flu. Now is the time to get yourself checked out. If your eyes are sore, then go to your optician; if your back hurts, it’s time to visit a chiropractor; if you have some medical issues then why not try out a Dr App before going to your GP so you know what questions to ask when you’re there? It’s always best to be prepared.
Get A New Wardrobe
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Let’s face it: we don’t really need much of an excuse to start looking through ASOS and Topshop, but right now seems like a better time than most. Our heaviest winter parkas aren’t really useful any more as it gets warmer, so it’s time to look for raincoats – maybe a rose gold one? – and cosy sheepskin-lined denim jackets if you want a little more grunge in your style. It’s still a little wet outside, so get some Dr Martens to stomp through puddles in. If you really want to splash out on a style item that will last you longer than the spring, have you looked at the new Dyson hairdryers? They’re pretty pricey, but they’ll keep your hair looking sleek even through the spring showers.



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