Jewelry Pieces All Girls Should Have

Building your jewelry collection is important, especially if you take pride in your outfits and how you look. Your jewelry can enhance your look, whether you’re going for ‘everyday casual’ or ‘going out glam.’ By building your jewelry collection steadily from the ground up, you can make sure you have all of the pieces you could ever need in your arsenal. You’ll never under-accessorize an outfit again! Here are the jewelry pieces all girls should have:

As far as necklaces go, there are a few pieces you should have in your jewelry box so you can enhance your outfits perfectly. Long necklaces are great for scooping necklines, and can easily be layered with necklaces of other lengths to create a great look. Shorter necklaces, and even chokers can be worn to both informal and formal events. You must always pay attention to your neckline before you select your necklaces. Costume jewelry is fine, but investing in a little luxury never hurt anybody. Having a statement piece as well as something simple is a good idea.

Your rings can really add to your look, especially if you work on layering them up. You can wear diamonds, but just make sure you know what will affect diamond value so you can buy yours accordingly. Semi precious stones and other gems work well too. Wear your rings at different lengths to create a cool look. You can make this look as edgy or as subtle as you like. Nobody wears rings solely at the base of their fingers anymore!


When it comes to bracelets, stacking them up is key to getting a really cool look. You can wear different thickness and materials to create a look that’s great for holidays or festivals. Bear in mind that sometimes one statement bracelet is all it takes to set off an outfit. You wouldn’t believe the difference that one chunky bangle can make.  

A Watch
Having a watch you can transition from day to night is a good idea. Many people say that your wrist is naked without a timepiece. There are so many great styles out there these days that can work for glam night’s out as well as chilled days. You can even layer your watch with your bangles to create a cool ‘arm candy’ look worthy of Instagram.

Having some cute earrings for everyday wear is a must. If you wear your hair up but don’t have a pair of simple stud earrings, your look isn’t complete! Ideally, these earrings will be a quality material. You’ll know about it if they’re not; nobody wants ears that itch and bleed because of cheap materials! A pair of awesome statement earrings is also a good investment.

Make sure you have all of the things in this guide to complete your jewelry box. It’s a good idea to have at least one statement piece and one subtle piece of everything so you can create a variety of looks. It’s fine to choose costume jewelry, but don’t be afraid to splash out if you want something to last!


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