Spring Beauty Tips

Spring is in full swing. That means you will want to get out more as the weather grows steadily warmer. With the changes in the temperature, you might want to change up your beauty routine. Here are a few great spring beauty tips that are sure to turn heads and make you both look and feel great.

What better way to ring in a change of seasons than to switch to a whole new, brighter lip color? Whether you prefer lipstick or lip gloss, you can really make a statement with a brilliant color you haven’t used in a while or even at all. Hues like coral red, light pink and something with a tinge of purple can bring a lovely brightness to your face and catch everyone’s attention. You can also try EOS lip balm with a hint of pink color. Not only will it brighten your face, but it will also nourish and hydrate your lips.

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of your health. It can be tricky to get enough Zs with the change of the seasons, especially during Daylight Savings. One of the best beauty tips for spring — or for any time of year — is to get at least a good eight hours of sleep each night. Have a regular routine set for each night and stick with it so that you can feel rested the next morning when you wake up. It can help you to look your best during the day this spring.

Change up your blush. During the winter season, you probably used a color that is more on the neutral side. Do the same thing with your blush as you do with your lip color. In other words, you can opt for a much brighter, colorful shade to make you stand out and to coincide with spring in general. Get out the pinks, corals and roses and you will look fresher and brighter this spring.

Now that the weather is growing warmer, you will be outdoors more often. With that said, it’s time to break out the sunscreen. It’s one of the most important parts of your beauty routine and is essential for protecting your skin whenever you’re outside in the sun. There are plenty of good brands from which to choose, but make sure you pick one that is at least SPF 50.

Finally, you should complete revamp your makeup bag. Go through your cosmetics and get rid of anything that’s old, expired or that you simply no longer use. Replace anything you remove with makeup that you will actually use throughout the spring. Doing away with the old and using the fresh and new will make you feel better and look even better as well.


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