What Does Your Fashion Statement Say About You?

Fashion is the art of dressing up the body to reveal the mind, according to the stylists and famous brand designers. However, there’s a little more to it than just revealing the mind. What you wear doesn’t actually say what you think to the people in the street. But it may give an indication about how you perceive yourself, even if it is unconscious. However, you need to look beyond your choice of fashion items – after all, fashion is limited by trends, and it’s really difficult to go against trends when you buy your clothes from high street boutiques – and focus on your favourite statement pieces. Indeed, accessories are the key to making a statement, and they leave a lot more room for creativity than actual items of clothing. So whether you pick a large designer handbag or a subtle silver necklace, there’s a world of personal identity images that you project around you. It’s time to dive into the world of fashion statements to understand what other see when they look at you.

Your Relationship To Fashion Items

Before diving deep into the world of accessories, it’s good to understand the relationship that you have with fashion items. Forbes.com has provided a thorough review of the various fashion-related behaviors that people show, from the sentimental fashionista who can’t get rid of any fashion item even if they don’t fit anymore, to the wealth anxious person who can’t go anywhere without flashing designer logos. There’s a psychology behind the way you treat your clothes. It’s often picked up by the people around you, and it’s something that you can notice in response to your fashion style. For example, if you dress inappropriately or too sexily, you might notice that some people refuse to take you seriously. This is because they assume that you are looking for the wrong kind of attention. Being aware of how you see clothes, and how it impacts on your relationships with others, is the way to understand your identity.  

Think About Your Accessorizing Practice

While it is easy to think about the clothes your wear, it can be a little tricky to define your accessorizing habits. Often, the addition of accessories happens almost unconsciously. So, if you want the first idea of your accessorizing style, you can use a tool such as Meaww.com which analyses your profile picture on Facebook. Hipster, romantic, sporty and much more, the tool can give you the first indication of your style area. But you need to ask yourself the right questions to really pinpoint the elements that make your fashion statement. Of course, no online test will give you a straight and correct answer, but they can help you to think about your choices and your favorite items more in detail.

Expensive Items

If you find that you prefer to rely on classy and high-quality fashion accessories, it’s often a desire to conform. Maybe you feel insecure and need to prove your worth with a designer handbag, for example. At least, this is what others perceive, whether it is accurate or not. Nevertheless, if you are one for expensive fashion items, remember to check coupon offers on websites like DontPayFull.com so that you can indulge without breaking the bank. Be aware of what people think about you, as it may impact on how they treat you. Knowing is half the battle!

Low-Key And Neutral

Those who adopt a low-key look with neutral accessories tend to be seen as shy. Neutral colors and comfortable accessories, such as flat shoes with a pair of jeans, are at the core of a simple style. For people, it’s your way of saying that you don’t want to get noticed and that you are happy to remain invisible in the crowd. This type of statement is generally associated with the girl next door personality, so if you like the idea of being seen as a nice, trustworthy and shy person, this is the style for you.

Colourful And Bling

Women who like bold and colorful patterns, accessories and jewellery can seem overwhelming at first, especially if they enjoy mixing colours and textures. This type of style is perceived as a sign of self-confidence and creativity. You may find that your fashion look can make it difficult for people to come and talk to you as they can feel intimidated. However, they will know to admire your strength. If you enjoy everything that is bold and bling, you will probably need to keep your approach super friendly, so that you can help others to feel confident enough to come and talk to you. Be bold, smile and chat with them, in short!

Coordinated Accessories

If you find that your accessories tend to be coordinated and subtly elegant in an Audrey Hepburn sort of way, you will be perceived as a very organized soul. Your interlocutors may not see you as a creative person, but they will think of you as a professional and trustworthy woman. This style is best adopted in offices, as this will give exactly the right type of image to your colleagues.

I Don’t Like What My Fashion Statement Says About Me

Often, when you realise what you fashion statement says about you, you can begin to resent it. Don’t; there is no need for that. You are still in charge of the image that you give people. You are the one who creates the fashion statement. In short, you’re the creator, and you can be the destroyer too. Who said that you couldn’t change your style for something that would work better for who you are? If you want to appear more professional, you can opt for coordinated accessories. If you have received too much-unwanted attention, a low-key style will help you to disappear into the crowd. Just get the inspiration from the women you admire and create your fashion identity.


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