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Ever heard the mythical tale of the fountain of youth? It’s about this magical waterfall that supposedly has the power to restore life, turn back the clock and, with just one sip, transform tired, old souls into young, beautiful people once more! Of course, the fountain itself is a myth but somehow we all still continue to search for ways to hold onto that healthy, natural glow. In today’s society, good impressions are key, so what better way to show people you’re taking care of yourself by having glorious blemish free skin? In short, we spend billions of dollars on face creams, potions and perfumes to look a few years younger, while the products that do work only do so temporarily yet it’s enough to get us to buy more!

We’ve all fallen for the glossy bottle or serum that seductively promises to tighten skin, smooth out fine lines and reduce wrinkles as well as those products designed to fight ageing when you’d do better eating a few more greens, going to bed earlier and hitting the gym instead of slathering your face in expensive night cream. It’s not enough to get a short term fix, we want a healthy natural glow that comes from inside and doesn’t have an expiration date so how do you go about getting it? Well, it’s not easy and it’ll require a few lifestyle adjustments but if you can no longer justify spending your paycheck on ‘miracle’ face cream and costly dermatologists visits then you’ll probably be up for it. Over the next few minutes, you’re going to find a multitude of ways to keep your skin looking fresh, flawless, natural and healthy which means you’ll look much younger than you actually are, so make sure you have those ID cards handy!

Go Go H20

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If you’re a lifelong fan of fizzy drinks you’ll find this first tip harder than anyone else, and that goes doubly for those of you who can’t function without their morning cup of joe. Swap coffee, soda, juice and even milk for water and you’ll soon find yourself looking positively radiant. Remember, our bodies are basically 65% water so if you’re not getting enough of the original beverage, the first place problems are going to show up are in your skin.

Stop the temptation to buy a soda by carrying around a water bottle, one, if you’re thirsty you’re more likely to take a swig at your desk than walk all the way down to the vending machine and two, it’ll help you lose a few pounds as water, unlike carbonated beverages, isn't filled with endless teaspoons of sugar! Fancy switching things up? Coconut water is a delicious, natural alternative to plain and is much healthier for you than Pepsi, or Coke, so you’re less likely to suffer from breakouts thanks to toxins being released into your body.

Ditch The Junk

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You may think you need fries, cookies and popcorn to get you through the working day but you really don’t! Switch to slow energy release foods like oats, and berries that’ll give you reserves without leading to a sugar spike and the inevitable mid-afternoon headache. While we may sound like your mother, a balanced diet really is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Cook dishes from scratch, instead of relying on pre-packaged convenience foods that’ll have enormous amounts of salt and sugar in them and instead look for inspiration from food bloggers who’ve whipped up delicious, nutritious food in under an hour!

Don’t neglect your vitamins and minerals either, up your pulse and lentil count as well as eating foods like dark, leafy greens that contain plenty of antioxidants and oh so good for you fatty omega acids. Choose white meat over red, and make sure you’re eating plenty of oily fish like tuna and mackerel which has been scientifically proven to be good for our nails, hair and skin. Don’t skimp on the fresh fruit either! Oranges and watermelons are great candidates for improving the skin’s appearance and veggies will give you a lovely, radiant glow.

Moisturize, Tone, Exfoliate

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Some of us somehow expect to have the blemish free skin of a nineteen-year-old model without putting in any effort whatsoever! It’s not enough to just wash your face briefly, you’ve actually got to look after it correctly to see results. One of the best ways to get younger looking skin is by establishing a proper, thorough skincare routine both in the morning’s and at night time. Cleansing with a face wipe, or cotton pad dipped in the cleanser will remove all the gunk, sweat and grime that collects on your face every day, while toning handles any pore issues helping to tighten them and reduce the chance of blackheads. A good moisturizer isn’t just necessary for improving the skin’s texture but it’ll help fight free radicals and boost your skin’s cell regeneration.

Now’s not the time to try and get by with one moisturizer either! A thick, creamy one will infuse your skin with moisture overnight and combined with an under eye gel and cotton face mask will leave your face looking healthy and full of life! Whatever you do don’t forget to exfoliate. You can either purchase an exfoliator or a home microdermabrasion kit when you buy MicrodermMD.

Feeling adventurous? Make an entirely natural one from oats, plain greek yogurt, and rosewater it’ll smell delicious and work wonders on any areas of patchy dry skin, redness and acne.

Bare Faced Truth

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You might be obsessed with trying out new makeup looks but it’s, crucial your skin gets a day off every once in awhile. Coating your skin in beauty products is fine, but you also need to go bare-faced every so often so that it has the chance to breathe. Make sure you check how much makeup you’re actually using. You only need a pea-sized amount of foundation, popped onto a beauty blender in order to create an even, smooth canvas and too much can looked caked on or even worse start to flake off by mid-afternoon. If you feel nervous about heading out minus concealer, foundation and blush then you could try a tinted moisturizer as it’ll give you a little bit of coverage while not being too heavy handed.

Remember, always take sunscreen if you’re heading outside and reapply it as and when, if you live in a particularly warm place you may also want to consider buying cosmetics with sun protection in them. Pay attention to your makeup brushes too! They should be cleaned, and maintained regularly and any old or product caked sponges should be binnned.
A quick cleansing formula is baby shampoo, conditioner and a drop of antiseptic location. It’ll remove even the most stubborn blusher residue and leave your brushes in tip top condition.

Look At Your Lifestyle

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No one looks good if they’re smoking, drinking and partying too much so if you can’t remember the last time you arrived home before dawn have a cosy night in eh? Smoking isn’t just bad for your bank balance, it’s horrible for other people, takes a toll on the environment and increased your chance of getting cancer. From a skin care angle smoking ages the skin, makes you lose elasticity and in severe cases can even start to turn the skin yellow. The same goes for if you can’t go a week without making a trip to a local tanning salon, prolonged sunbed usage is much more harmful than many of us realize so you need to make sure that you limit your visits or stop going altogether. A life of exposure to UV rays will lead to a darkening of the skin, sun spots, pigmentation and premature wrinkles as well as increasing your chance of developing moles.

Keep exercising regularly, whether it’s kickboxing, surfing, swimming, gymnastics or dance it doesn’t matter as long as you’re getting at least thirty minutes of activity each day. Use yoga, meditation and Chinese breathing techniques to keep the panic rat at bay as there’s nothing worse for your skin than stress! It’s one of the reasons doctors, teachers, and lawyers look so worn out because their chosen career choice is so stressful some days they have to schedule bathroom breaks, let alone get the chance to head to the local farmer’s market to pick out a healthy chicken, quinoa and beetroot salad.  

Silk And Satin

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Believe it or not, even the wrong pillow case can lead to skin problems! Try to avoid thin cotton pillow cases and wash the ones you so have regularly. Cheap pillowcases can suck out all the moisture from your skin, leaving it dry flaky and even itchy as well as causing huge sleep lines and wrinkles. Go for silk or satin based pillowcases that are smooth, cold and feel better against your skin as well as choosing nightwear that allows your skin to breathe properly. Make sure that you turn your electronics off before bedtime, you don’t want to wake up at 3 am because your iPhone alarm has accidentally gone off! Allow yourself to rest and relax too. Avoid any caffeine and instead choose a calming green tea or chamomile drink.



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