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Spring is well upon us now. The days are getting longer, and that bird song is to die for. As with any change of season, it’s time to think again about changing your image. Those heavy colors and dark day comforts aren’t going to help you once the sun is shining. Put your winter jumpers in a bag and keep them out of sight. Then, turn your attention to a stunning summer wardrobe you can wear with pride. Hit the shops and see what the season has in store. Buying summer clothes is the perfect way to get yourself in the mood. But, clothes aren’t all it takes to embrace the new season. You’re going to need to readjust your makeup routine, too. The name of the game is that glowing summer look. So, we’re going to take a look at a few of the makeup magic items that can help you achieve it!


Highlighter is a lifesaving invention at the best of times. It adds definition and lifts those dark circles. Let’s be honest; we could all do with some of that in our life. But, the need for it is even greater when the sun starts shining. There’s no better way to get that much-needed summer shimmer. Of course, there are many different options available. If you’ve never used a highlighter before, you may need to try a few out before you know which suits you best. Much like with foundation, you can opt for powder, stick, or liquid. Looking at reviews like this Becca shimmering skin perfector liquid review is another fantastic way of finding out work works. Better, you won’t need to spend a fortune that way! Make sure, too, that you know how to use the product you choose. The best choice isn’t going to help you if you don’t know how to apply the stuff. Turn to online tutorials to give you an idea of what to do.


Never underestimate the power of bright lipstick. Whether you choose anything else on this list or not, bright lipstick is a must. Getting bright on your lips will lift your whole face with minimal effort. It’s perfect for this time of year. Of course, not all colors work for everyone. Be brave and try a few out. You may find that the ones you don’t think will suit you look fantastic. If you’ve never worn bright lipstick before, bear in mind that it may take a while to build your confidence. Bright colors are sure to draw attention but don’t be afraid to let people look. Despite what you think, the chances are that they’re admiring how amazing you look. To help you feel good about how your lips look, take some time to tackle any dry skin issues the winter has left behind. Lip scrubs and moisturizing lipsticks are your best bet.


None of us want to look pale during summer, right? But, it can be hard to get the sunkissed look before the summer has begun. That’s why it can help to turn to fake tanning products in the early stages. Once the sun is in full swing, you won’t need them. For now, though, they’ll give you the confidence to show a little skin. Make sure you know how to apply without leaving streaks down your legs, though. You don’t want the world knowing your tan comes from a bottle. Take your time. It may be worth building your tan slowly, and many products on the market offer the chance to do so. That way, you can rest assured that your skin looks natural. Then, turn to that fabulous summer wardrobe you’ve bought and get ready for a season to remember.


It doesn’t get much better for brightening your face than choosing something sparkly. Overdoing this could leave you looking a little clown-like. But, a small amount will finish your summer routine perfectly. It may be that you want a little sparkle on your face. Choosing a foundation with added shimmer is the perfect thing. These are fantastic because they offer an even coating of sparkle without looking like you’ve been trying your hand at crafting with kids! Or, you could opt for a sparkly eyeshadow. Be careful here, though. It’s all too easy to overdo this option. Remember that you want something light for the summer. Choose a subtle color, like pink, or beige. That way, the sparkle won’t blind anyone who looks at you!  


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