Life’s Too Short To Wear Boring Clothes!

Ever wanted to wear something a little out there but felt like you just didn’t have the confidence to do so? Even fashion bloggers have a moment of doubt before they leave the house in a particularly eye-catching or ‘non-conformist' OOTD. Clothes don’t just cover our skin. They’re an outlet for self-expression as well as helping us feel a little better when things are more than a little rocky. The trouble is, we often find ourselves ‘trying on’ a style before we settle on one that feels us, and often spend years wearing clothes that just aren’t right!

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Think Practically

Obviously, it’s not a good idea to turn up to work in a full-length ball gown, tiara and gloves but there are ways to incorporate your personality into your clothes without seeming like you’ve made too much of an effort. Firstly, think about your job, leisure time and commute. Are practical, easily washed clothes a necessity during the week? If so, stay away from expensive fabrics like satin and silk as well as those like poly elastane that’s hard to get marks out of. Try to avoid white, or cream fabrics to as well as matte black, surprisingly both these colours show up marks really easily and instead of rushing out the door in a crumpled skirt, creased blouse and yesterday’s bra spend some time picking out your clothes the night before.

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Fashion Bloggers Fail Too

Believe it or not, not everyone who Instagram's every outfit they wear is bursting with confidence! In fact, lots have bloggers have professed to be quite shy while others have experienced indirect teasing or out and out bullying by those who think they look ‘different’. Remember, if it makes you feel good then it’s the right outfit to wear and let people think whatever they want. While lots of us believe celebrities possess a narcissistic arrogance, and some do, even A-Listers have admitted to having last minute fashion panic.

What people don’t see is the endless pile of rejected clothes they didn’t wear, or the reason Beyonce wore a stretchy white dress to her friend’s Easter party was because she felt too tired to care if she got food on it because she’s pregnant life’s hard enough. There are times where a posh party calls for spiky studded boots with a paper thin heel, when we’d much rather be wearing our comfy Adidas Originals superstar trainers, old trackies and hoodie while playing with the dog.

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Life Is Short

If you want to wear a pink, cactus print leotard with a pink leather jacket, then go ahead and do so! At the end of the day, two things will happen. One, either someone, either a friend or complete stranger, will tell you how much they love your outfit, how cute the jacket, shoes and pom pom earrings look or they’ll laugh at you and ask if you got dressed in the dark this morning. No matter what you wear, say, or feel they’ll always be someone that disagrees so don’t let negative comments stop you from showing off your style. If people did none of us would ever leave the house!



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