Look Sensational For Under £20

In the past, looking sensational for less than £20 was a pipe dream. There just weren’t the opportunities to find second-hand clothes like there is today, limiting people’s options. Now though, thanks to the internet and the rise of thrift stores, that’s all changed. Looking incredible for less than twenty bucks is finally a possibility.

For many women, thrift store shopping is a bit of a hobby. There’s no guarantee that you’re going to find exactly what you want and often you're lucky if you get close. But every once in awhile, a real gem comes your way and makes all those hours of searching through racks worthwhile. Bottom line: it’s fun.

When you get into looking sensational for less, you quickly find that your closet takes on an eclectic character. All of a sudden, you’ve got all sorts of clothes you never would have paid the full price for lurking in there, waiting to be worn. As a result, getting dressed in the morning becomes a lot more exciting and rewarding.

So what can you do to look sensational for less than £20?

Look Out For “Like-New” Condition

When it comes to their clothes, people are fickle. One minute they absolutely love their new designer bag, the next, they’ve sent it off to the local thrift store. This means that many of the items on the second-hand market are “like-new” - they’ve spent the vast majority of their life sitting in their owner’s wardrobe. Look out for “as new” or “like-new” labels since these often mean that an item is in the same condition as when it first came out of the factory, only 80 percent cheaper.

Don’t Overlook Pieces Which Could Be Rescued With A Few Modifications

When you’re shopping around for cheap clothes, you don’t have to accept them “as is.” You can play around with them, touching them up as you please to suit your outfits. For instance, let’s say that you’ve just used a Payless promo code and bagged a pair of riding boots for £15.  You could wear them with a regular pair of jeans and a sweater. But you could also wear them with a long skirt and use them for work.

Buy Plenty Of Vintage Jewelry

Over the years, people have made a lot of jewelry. There are now piles and piles of the stuff just lying around in people’s homes. As a result, the price of vintage jewelry is often just a fraction of the cost of new, meaning that there is a bargain to be had.

Start off by investigating local antique stores in your area. Often they’ll have a jewelry section complete with dozens of different items from various time periods. Unlike cheap modern jewelry, many vintage items are made from genuine precious metals, like gold and silver. In particular, look out for vintage watches as these are in style right now. Don’t worry about the condition of the strap if it looks a little frayed, you can always have another one made.


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