One Girl Is Worth More Than Twenty Boys

Here is the best thing about women. We champion each other so much. Ok, there are girls out there who liked to bring down other women, but those tend to be pretty unhappy about something in their life. Show me a successful woman, and I will show you the woman stood behind her. It will either be her best friend, her mother or her sister. Perhaps all three.

Even though women put a lot of time and effort into relationships, it is fair to say that most of us could live without a boyfriend but we couldn’t live without a best friend. This isn’t to belittle men or suggest in any way that they are useless; you can make that decision yourself, it is just to focus on the most incredible creature of all. The woman.

As we get older our friendship circle becomes a lot smaller; we tend to have a broad group of people that we know but a very small group we see with any regularity. In fact, people often say you are lucky if you can count your real friends on the one hand. As you get closer to your forties, your closest friend will probably be a woman. We tend to build confidence in each other, we are capable of listening, and we understand that not every problem needs to be solved. Talking things over with a male friend or a partner tends to leave you with an annoying conversation about how to fix things. You don’t want logic; you just want to download.

Girls are empathic by nature, and they want to support and champion you. You are more likely to receive a bunch of flowers from your best mate for no reason than you are from your husband. They get that sometimes a girl needs a surprise.  Most women will walk into your home if you have invited them over, with a bunch of flowers or a bottle of wine. Purely to spread happiness, no other agenda.

When it comes to work, men tend to stand on each other to get to the top, whereas most women come together to lift each other up, the ones at the top leaning down to reach for the others.

With all this in mind, we think it is important to treat your friends every so often. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. You could buy wholesale jewellery online from elf925 or look out for great deals on bunches of flowers. Even just spending a little time during the week to have a coffee and a catch-up. Buying something special for your girlfriends helps to strengthen your relationship. It can be a small thank you gift or just a gesture without reason.

Our female friends are special, and we should work hard to keep each other happy. If we support each other, then we are unstoppable. Regardless of any hurdle that is put in our way, women are like diamonds. We don’t break.


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