Top 4 Attractive Traits In Guys

A woman is an independent person just like a guy, no matter how much society wants to say otherwise. So, men don’t make a woman what she is – the woman does that all by herself thank you very much. Still, that doesn’t mean that girls don’t want to be happy. If you’re into guys, that means finding one that it is bearable and adds value. Sure, some guys aren't worth your time or attention. But, some men have the following traits, and they are worth consideration.

Good Dresser

Are looks the most important facet of a relationship? No, they aren’t. However, it’s always a good sign when a guy takes pride in his appearance. It says so much about him without having to listen to a word that comes from his mouth. For example, it tells you that he isn’t a cluttered and untidy sloth. People that live in a constant state of mess don’t have the time to polish their shoes. It also says something about his lifestyle. Men that wear designer brands like Hugo Boss can probably afford it, which means they have a good job. These are all ticks in the right box, and there is nothing shallow about it.


Plenty of women have been turned off by guys that think they are the smartest person in the room. Reality check – they aren’t the cleverest person in the conversation. Intelligence is difficult because you want someone that can challenge you and help you broaden your horizons. After all, knowledge is power, so the more the better. But, women need guys to manifest it in the correct way. If they use their smarts to think of new and interesting ways to impress you, they are clearly creative and quite humble. If they preach from their high horse, they’re entitled and snobbish.

Listening Skills

Guys think that girls harp on about listening too much. But, most ladies know that it shows a lot about the person’s character. For one thing, it means they are ready to defer to you while you talk about your likes and dislikes. Men that aren’t prepared to do this probably only care about themselves and their life. Plus, it’s a great sign for the future. No one is saying that you’re going to get married after one date, but you look for traits which are boyfriend material. Venting to someone you trust is essential, so your man needs to be able to keep his mouth closed.


Romance is easy in the first couple of months. Because you’re all over each other, it isn’t hard to buy flowers or saying whisper sweet nothings in each others’ ears. But, it doesn’t always last. A romantic man is far more likely to keep the spark alive when the sex dies down and you’re curled up on the sofa. Just saying something nice about your appearance is a fantastic self-esteem boost, and it’s something every woman needs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the most confident person in the world, you will have doubts. When you do, it’s nice to have a partner that puts your mind at rest.


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