You're Using Social Media Wrong

When you use social media, a lot of things could go wrong. Some pictures you post could reveal information that the people involved didn’t want to show, there’s a chance an ex or someone might be stalking you and since your information is public it opens up an opportunity to be scammed or conned by people looking to make a quick buck.

However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid using social media. For all the negatives, there are probably several positives that can help improve your lifestyle in many different ways. In most cases, you’re probably just social media the “wrong” way. Now to clarify, there isn’t really a wrong way to use social media assuming you stay within the rules, but there are always going to be things you can do to improve your social media standing and make it contribute positively to your life instead of becoming a burden.

Forgetting to update

Social media, no matter if it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, works best if you are constantly updating your profile. Not only does it mean you’re active on social media and thus, are more likely to gain more followers, but it also means that you’re actively trying to participate in discussions or show off what you’re doing. Even if you don’t have much to say, posting a couple of messages or pictures now and then is a great idea for those who are following you, be they your friends or family. It could be as simple as a message when you’re still lying in bed on a weekend or it could be something more interesting like the lunch you bought.

Interact with people

Social media is built to be social. If all you do is post pictures and messages for others to read but you never interact or respond to mentions, then you’re not doing a great job of being social. Social media shouldn’t be considered a platform to show off and broadcast your life, it should be a place to engage with others, talk about subjects and meet new friends.

Spice up your profile

There are a variety of ways to improve your profile page in order to attract attention or give yourself a sense of professionalism. For instance, you could use Facebook covers to make your profile stand out and look amazing, or you could use more pictures and graphics instead of text to make your profile a little easier on the eyes.

Remember to tell people your social media handles

If you aren’t telling people your social media handles then they won’t be able to find you. Facebook is a little easier since you can simply enter someone’s first and last name, but Twitter and Instagram handles usually aren’t based on names and, as such, you need to tell people in order to get them to follow or find you.

Don’t talk about things you don’t care for

It’s common for people to talk or mention subjects in order to grab attention. If there’s a single lesson you should learn from this article, it should be to be yourself. No one likes a wannabe know-it-all that spouts random or incorrect information because it just opens them up for criticism. Instead, you should be yourself, talk about things you’re passionate about, and avoid subjects you don’t like.


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