Breathe Life Into A Dull Outfit

Some people like to make a loud statement with extravagant pieces, bold colors and out there styles. Others prefer the minimalist look. But going for something a bit more conservative doesn’t mean that you can’t show off a bit. While your understated outfit might not turn heads immediately, it can still have all the same glamor about it. Using a few great accessories is a simple way of breathing new life into a more subtle outfit and turning it into something amazing. Accessorizing can be a lot harder than it looks and getting it wrong is a sure-fire way to end up with a terrible outfit. If you want to avoid a fashion faux pas, here are a few great tips to help you.

Most minimalist outfits tend to be fairly neutral colors. Lots of black, white and gray. Accessorizing is a brilliant way of adding a flash of color in there, and what better color than gold? A long gold necklace over a white shirt will always work, or you could try some pearl earrings for a bit of extra sparkle. The beauty of gold accessories is that they will work with most combinations so they’re versatile.  

Belts are a surprisingly useful addition to your wardrobe that can completely revamp an outfit in a very simple way. Combining a simple belt with a plain black dress can turn it into a different outfit entirely. By breaking it up, you can make it look a lot more casual so you can use it for different occasions. It can also be handy if two pieces don’t really fit together well. It can make that transition between a skirt and top a bit more defined and bring the whole outfit together.

As well as gold, there are plenty of other bright colors that can make your outfits pop. Handbags are a good way of injecting a bit of color into your otherwise neutral outfit. There are plenty of black ones out there, so why not stand out a bit by choosing a more daring shade. Other accessories like bracelets and headbands are another great way of brightening your outfit up a little. But be careful, if you take it too far you’ll be out of balance and end up looking garish. The key is to choose a few well-placed items that don’t take away from the overall look while still spicing it up a little.

Pick Your Expensive Items
A common mistake is thinking that expensive means good. You don’t need to splash out on every single item in your outfit to make it a hit. If you are selective about the high-end items that you include in your wardrobe, they can carry the rest of your outfit with ease. A few nice pieces of jewelry or a nice pair of shoes can be the difference between a drab outfit and a stunning one. When you’re buying these pieces, make sure that you choose things that are a bit more versatile so you can use them for multiple outfits. If you are going to splash out then you want to be able to wear them as often as possible.  


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