How to Conceal the Common Signs of Ageing

According to experts, you should start doing two things before you turn 30 - these include planning for your retirement and committing to an anti-ageing beauty regimen. Both require unwavering commitment for achieving the desired results. Your mid-20s is when the first signs of ageing start appearing– that first strand of grey hair, dark circles or puffy eyes, and dry hands or brittle nails.
If you start fighting common signs of ageing as soon as they start appearing, you can slow down the ageing process for decades to come, and look young and fresh even in your 60’s. It is never too late to try slowing down the process of ageing.
Have a look at some of our best tips!

Stop Hair Thinning

Have you paid attention to the increasing number of hair strands tangled in your hair brush? Hormonal shifts, increased stress, childbirth and many such reasons can lead to hair thinning, making you look older. To check if you have thinning hair, hold a small hank of hair from the roots and pull it till the end. If you are left holding more than five strands, then you have a thinning hair problem. Ideally, you should visit a doctor to start your hair fall treatment as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can conceal the signs of hair fall with the following techniques:

  • Mix castor oil, almond oil, extra virgin olive oil and mustard oil in equal proportions. Massage your scalp with the mixture for at least 20 minutes. Wash your hair with lukewarm water after two hours. Repeat this procedure twice a week.
  • Use a thick-bristled wooden brush to gently brush through strands of hair.

Anti-Ageing Products and Treatments

As you age, your skin loses its natural elasticity and moisture. It requires extra care, just like your degenerating bones and thinning hair. Anti-ageing products and treatments, like anti-ageing balms, creams, serums and revitalising oils provide necessary nutrients to your skin and help repair damaged cells. Production of collagen helps retain your skin’s elasticity, making it look younger than ever. Anti-ageing products strengthen your skin’s natural defence, and provide protection against dangerous UV rays, free radicals in the air, or chlorinated water in swimming pools. For additional benefits, opt for the best natural skincare products from Nakin’s natural anti-ageing range to ensure your skin is completely taken care of.

Get Rid of Turkey Neck

Turkey neck is caused by loose skin, fat and flaccid muscle. It makes you look at least 10 years older than your age, even if you watch your weight carefully. Various non-invasive surgeries are available to let you get rid of problems such as a Turkey neck by tightening loose muscles for a toned, slimmer neck. However, these surgeries can be expensive and their results are only temporary.

  • Facial yoga exercises help you tighten muscles.
  • Stretch your neck whenever you can. Exercises for toning neck muscles include stretching your neck such as by looking at the roof for five minutes or more.
  • Apply skin-tightening masks with fat-burners like Vitamin C at least once a week.

Toning a Turkey neck requires time and patience. Meanwhile, you can conceal extra fat by contouring with makeup. If you are not fond of makeup, then wear a wide necklace to cover up excess fat.

Cover Freckles and Wrinkles

Makeup can settle in your skin and clog your pores overtime. An ideal way of avoiding this is to skip foundation and cover up with a light concealer instead. Dab a little shimmer to add a natural glow to your skin.
Dermal fillers can be useful for treating unwanted wrinkles. However, this is an expensive treatment with only temporary results. Eat protein, fat and omega-3 rich foods to fill fine lines and wrinkles naturally. Forehead wrinkles can be covered with fringe or French haircuts. Anti-ageing creams can also help you conceal and treat crow’s feet, frown lines and wrinkles around eyes.

Exfoliate the Dullness

Dry and dull skin is a clear sign of ageing and deteriorating health. Detoxification is a great way to get rid your body of free radicals and toxins. To exfoliate dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, use organic and natural antioxidant exfoliating scrubs. You can also make your own exfoliating home remedy by following this recipe:

  • Mix extra virgin olive oil with berry extract and massage it all over your face and body.
  • For dry skin, mix curd with honey and orange extract and massage your skin with the mixture.
  • Put a few drops of lavender oil and rose water in bathtub filled with warm water. Soak your body in it for at least 10 minutes, once a week.

Moisturise your skin daily before going to bed. Wear sunscreen and a hat before going out in order to protect your skin from sun damage.

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