A Quick Guide To Looking Awesome In Every Single Photo

We’ve all had times where we’ve looked at a picture of ourselves and gasped in horror. Is that what we look like in real life?! Do we really have 10 chins and a smile that could make babies cry? Of course not! It was simply a bad angle, or even bad lighting. There are so many things that factor into a good photograph. Here’s how you can make sure you look awesome in every single picture you feature in:

Make Sure The Lighting Is Just Right
The lighting plays a huge part in how good you look in a picture. The light shouldn’t be right above you, as this is going to distort the image and your features. Remember that taking pictures in artificial light will also distort colours, although you can’t always help this. If you can have a picture taken outside in natural light, do so. It’s better in the afternoon or the early morning, when the sun isn’t as bright!

Check Out The Background
Pay attention to the background. You aren’t going to feature in a great picture if you have your household waste bin behind you, or your dirty clothes on the floor. Make sure the background is clean and doesn’t distract from the main feature - you! You can get a little creative with your background, but remember, the cleaner the better.

Suggest A Better Angle
If somebody else is taking a picture of you, suggest nicely that they take it from a higher angle. This will slim your face and make for a much more attractive photograph.

The infographic below has even more tips!

Credit to MyTrendyPhone

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