4 Steps to Plan Your Perfect Wedding

You’ve said yes! That moment seems like such a large, momentous occasion, but then comes the wedding planning. For anyone who has never thrown a party like a wedding before, it may seem daunting. There are things you know already of course, like telling your folks, choosing your wedding party, and the guests. But then what? How do you go from what the movies have shown you to the big day? Here are 4 steps to plan the perfect wedding:

1. Plan Your Budget

The biggest mistake that anyone can make when they are planning a wedding is to not first plan their budget. Going overboard might seem like no big deal when you’re in ‘the moment,’ but it hurts afterwards when either you have to pay the money back, or you find your savings depleted. Knowing how much money you have can keep you on track when you are making decisions.

2. Choose Your Guests

Before you can choose invitations and send them out, you first need to decide on your guests. You also need to decide on your groomsmen, bridesmaids, and, of course, the maid of honour and best man. These people will be your greatest asset as they will be the ones to help you out the most. Remember, at the end of the day it is your special day – don’t feel pressured to include people you don’t want to.

3. Choose the Venue

To have the perfect wedding, you need to have the perfect venue. Search through UK Wedding Savings to find your perfect venue at a discount. Many of the options include food and accommodation, taking care of several things on your check list at once. There are two things you need to consider when choosing your venue; the first, can it fit the amount of people who are going to be at your wedding, and the second, what amenities they can offer? Once you’ve chosen the venue, you can choose the d├ęcor and wedding flowers that go with it.

4. Hire the Vendors

The vendors are the caterers; they are the photographers, and the musicians. These are the people that are going to really make your wedding, so you need to make sure that you hire some great ones. This includes the wedding cake and the food for your guests. If you’re concerned about your budget, see if any of your talented friends can take the lead as a wedding gift for you, or see if nearby university students would be willing to work your event for a discounted price. Other suggestions include having a shared album so that your guests can upload their pictures of the event and you can all have access to them.

There are many steps to planning a wedding. You can have lists of over a hundred if you make them specific enough. These four steps are the backbone to any wedding planning, but to have a successful wedding you need to first have a clear idea of what you want your wedding to be. Throwing together too many different inspirations is a sure-fire way to make your wedding messy. Keep things simple, don’t sweat the small stuff, and you will have a perfect wedding that’s just right for you.



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