How to Measure Your Ring Size

When determining your ring size for the perfect engagement or wedding ring, this can often be difficult, and that’s why it’s always best to visit your jeweller so that you can be measured correctly. Together with AC Silver, retailers of yellow gold engagement rings, we can advise you on how to measure yourself for the perfect ring.

How to measure your ring size at home

As a good starting point, there is a method that you can use at home. By cutting a thin strip of paper, wrap this around the finger, and then make a mark once the paper has gone the whole way around the finger. However, you should keep in mind that some designs are bigger than others, which will have an impact on your ring size.

Further considerations

Band and shank width should also be considered. A wider band used on a wedding ring, will always have a tighter grip on your finger in comparison to a slender solitaire. A ring gauge will be used by a jeweller so that the size of the shank can be determined, which means that you’ll be able to get the perfect fit for your ring. The greater depth of the ring shank, the greater impact on the size of the ring, which may result in you having to go a ring size up.
Although you may have not thought about it, your fingers are generally smaller in the morning, so you should measure your ring size later in the day once your fingers are warmer. A cold finger could be half a size smaller; what this means is that during the summer your ring could become too tight – so the ring should always have some leverage and slack.
Keep in mind that this rule does not necessarily apply to all rings; for larger cocktail rings with a heavy top, these should have a snugger fit. This helps to stop the ring spinning once it is on the finger.
To know that your ring is a good fit, it should require a little wiggle over the knuckle when you remove it.
So that you can surprise a loved one, if you already have a ring of theirs to hand, you can use a ‘ring stick’, which is known as a mandrel sizing tool, to ensure that their ring is the perfect fit when they try it one.
Remember no measurements are exact, and if the ring isn’t measured correctly this may leave you and your partner left disappointed – that’s why we would always recommend that a professional should measure the ring for you.


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