Now that the winter months are here, we’re all getting excited about the festivities of Christmas, New Year, and other celebrations. Even if you aren’t a religious person, there’s no doubt that this is a great time for partying and enjoying time with loved ones. Unfortunately, that indulgence can lead to some serious weight gains. And that’s something that nobody is set to enjoy.
Those weight gains will inevitably knock your confidence and can leave you needing to buy a new wardrobe. A few preventive measures can help avoid that outcome, however. With the support of these five steps below, staying healthy and happy throughout the colder months should be a piece of cake easy.   
 Maintaining your image in winter needn’t be a struggle
Avoiding Winter Weight Gains

Christmas only comes around once a year, and however old we get we have to admit that the festive season never stops being magical. The glittering lights, the smell of fresh pine needles and the wafting scents of cinnamon and allspice from the kitchen; Christmas is a time to be cherished. So why does it sometimes feel like we can’t wait for it to be over?

With our busy jobs and hectic social lives, December has a habit of creeping up on us before we’re ready. What’s more, all those bright lights, smells and colourful decorations can feel like an assault on our senses, leaving us stressed and confused when the day finally comes around.

Instead of simply “getting through the season”, here are five ways to make the most of Christmas that will leave you full of festive cheer.   

How to Make the Most of Christmas This Year

Always being on the go is fun for a while, until you experience burnout and have the urge to quit it all. There are ways to participate in life and not overdo it. It’s up to you to control your desire to over commit and think about you for once.
Decide to stop running around without a strategy and start giving yourself the structure you deserve. You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised with all of the positive outcomes that suddenly transpire in your life. Have an open mind as you explore the possibilities for slowing down. See how to make your life less chaotic.

How To Make Your Life Less Chaotic

Halloween is now a week away, and you may be panicking about what on earth you are going to wear this year. If you are anything like me and you have left it all to the last minute, but you still want to look extra, and not cheap or tacky, have no fear because I have you covered. have some really cute, spooky themed accessories that are still on theme, but a little bit more luxurious, because who says you can't look 'spooky' and sexy at the same time?

Halloween with Johnny Loves Rosie

When you’ve got a house to sell, you’re most likely part way through buying a house as well. Whether it’s your first house or you make a living of repairing and selling on houses, this will be both an incredibly exciting and stressful process. There will be a lot for you to remember, as well as a lot that you’ll most likely end up forgetting – but stay positive, and do everything you can as early on as possible, so you still have time.
The first step is to make an honest evaluation of where you’re at and what still needs to be done, and then the second step is to turn your evaluation into a plan and begin working your way through it. Focus your plan on selling your house around the following three tips, which will make a huge difference both to the speed at which you sell it and the price you’ll end up receiving.
3 Tips for Selling Your Home

There are many reasons why a man might buy a new shirt – for a date, for an interview or even just for casual wear. When he makes this purchase, it is likely that he will ask himself some questions. Some of these may be: does it match with the trousers? Is the material of a good quality? Is it suitable for the dress code? Something that men should also be asking is – what does this colour say about me?
Some psychological research has been carried out to explore the perceptions of men who are dressed in different colours. It was found that different colours give off different impressions of the wearer to women. For example, if they’re looking to come across as powerful they should choose red. If they want to demonstrate their confidence, they should wear black. We have teamed up with Charles Tyrwhitt, experts in gentlemen’s fashion, to investigate further and find out which colours women prefer on men.

What colour shirts do women prefer on men

Low credit scores impact your purchasing power regardless of the cause of your bad credit. Car dealerships often must raise the interest rates for buyers with low credit scores because of the increased risk versus buyers with good credit.
If you’re in the bad credit category but in the market for a car, it’s time to search for lenders who’ll work with your financial situation. Don’t automatically accept an above-average interest rate simply because of poor credit. The seven considerations below can help you secure a fair loan when it’s time to buy a car.
How to Buy a Car When You Have a Low Credit Score

October has fast come around, which of course means that Halloween is just around the corner. We all know how quickly time flies, so now is the time to start preparing for the main event of the month. If you are fortunate enough to be a dog owner, you don't want to forget about them too this holiday! Our pets bring us all kinds of joy and we love having them around during all types of celebrations, Halloween included.

Together with natural dog food suppliers Feedem, we can take a look at the best Halloween costumes for your dog.

The best Halloween costumes for your dog this year


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