3 Tips for Selling Your Home

When you’ve got a house to sell, you’re most likely part way through buying a house as well. Whether it’s your first house or you make a living of repairing and selling on houses, this will be both an incredibly exciting and stressful process. There will be a lot for you to remember, as well as a lot that you’ll most likely end up forgetting – but stay positive, and do everything you can as early on as possible, so you still have time.
The first step is to make an honest evaluation of where you’re at and what still needs to be done, and then the second step is to turn your evaluation into a plan and begin working your way through it. Focus your plan on selling your house around the following three tips, which will make a huge difference both to the speed at which you sell it and the price you’ll end up receiving.

Kerb Appeal
Any flaws visible on the outside of the home will stand out like a sore thumb to prospective buyers, whether it’s a poorly kept lawn or rotting window frames, so you need to focus your work on the outside as a priority. Remember not to spend too much, as this will eat into your profit, but you need to sort out the garden. That means cutting the grass short, neatening up any flowerbeds and cleaning up and digging out the weeds between the paving stones. Repaint the window frames if you need to, and take care of any superficial issues such as marks on the brickwork and spiderwebs in any exposed airbricks. This will make your viewings run much smoother.
Prospective buyers can easily be put off by the amenities, particularly if they’re visually in a state of disarray. For example, if there are exposed pipes and unpainted sections in the bathroom, your viewers won’t be thinking ahead to when they find the time to fix up these issues. Instead, they’ll be thinking ahead to when they can get out of your home and back into the one they currently live in. Hire a local plumber to take care of any issues with the bathroom or kitchen, particularly if there are any leaks.
Interior Design
Once you’ve taken care of all of the unappealing fittings and amenities, it’s time to start thinking about a style. For selling a house, it’s best to go as minimalist as possible – and that means getting rid of as many of your possessions as possible, from furniture to ornaments and, if you need to, keeping them in storage until you move into your new place. With the bare outlines of a style that should be left over, make the most of what each room offers. If the living room has a high ceiling, then make sure the walls are painted a light colour which emphasises the space in the room. If there is a low ceiling and light struggles to find its way into the room, why not have a mirror fitted to one of the walls? You should still have curtains up, no matter how minimalist you’ve gone, so make sure that these don’t clash, and that they help to bring out the strengths of each room.  


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