5 Health Problems That Might Flare Up This Winter

Cold winters can make anybody miserable. But if you have a health problem, chances are the change to your environment or climate can cause unpleasant changes to your health. It’s not always easy to take precautions or avoid an illness or condition flaring up. However, staying warm and taking care of your general health can help a lot. Here are just 5 health problems that might flare up this winter:

Some asthma sufferers say that the colder air helps their condition. This might be due to the inflammation in the chest being cooled by the chill in the air. Unfortunately, most people that suffer from asthma struggle more in the winter time. The air is more polluted as car fumes, and chimney smoke stays lower on the ground. The extra moisture in the air can also be unpleasant. Speak to your doctor about your condition as the season changes. It’s important to stay on top of things. Avoid smoky areas, and consider humidity control at home.

Coldness in the hands can be painful for anyone. But if you have arthritis, the extra pain on top of your condition can be unbearable. Tension in the muscles of trying to keep warm can aggravate any soreness that already exists in them. Combine this with joint pain, and you might be out of action for a while. There are natural remedies you can try like Caruso's arthritis cream, to help reduce the inflammation and discomfort. Speak to your doctor about mobility exercises to help keep things moving as it gets colder.

Lots of people, especially children, suffer from tonsillitis. This manifests as a swollen and sore throat. It can come on when airborne viruses are inhaled. In fact, any cough, cold, or flu can set this off again. It is painful and makes eating quite difficult. Antibiotics are rarely prescribed these days, so the best way to reduce the pain is with natural remedies like gargling. You might try a diet rich in fruit to boost your immune system and stave off typical winter ailments. In severe cases, your doctor might recommend a tonsillectomy. Speak to your doctor if you have concerns.

Pain in the nose, cheeks, and eyes can often be a sign of a sore sinus. This happens for many reasons, but can easily be aggravated by cold, moist air. When you follow that up with warm, dry air from radiators, it can hurt even more! Keep your sinuses clear with menthol and eucalyptus inhalers. Blow your nose gently to reduce that stuffy feeling. Talk to your doctor if symptoms worsen.

Weight Gain
It’s easier than you think to gain weight when it’s cold outside. For one thing, we feel like staying indoors where it’s warm! We also tend to eat more, especially comfort foods. Darker mornings and nights can make us feel sluggish too. It’s important not to eat more calories over winter. We really don’t need them!

Good health can sometimes be more difficult to maintain over the winter period. Try to eat healthy foods rather than comfort foods. Carry on exercising, and speak to your doctor if chronic conditions worsen. Stay well.


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