Simple Ways To Practice Self-Love

Having more self-compassion is a great way to boost your confidence and help you to live a healthier lifestyle. If you don’t have your back, then you risk no one else having it either. While it’s good to have connections, you can’t rely on others to help you love yourself more.
It’s not as complicated as it sounds when you break it down into small habits. What you do each day matters and can make or break the way you feel about yourself. Letting negative feelings and situations build up inside without taking time to address them is a recipe for disaster. See simple ways to practice self-love.
Use Positive Self-Talk
Daily affirmations are excellent for getting your mind to a great place each morning. They have the power to alter your outlook completely. Recite positive sayings and quotes to yourself, no matter what mood you’re in. Start a gratitude journal and write down what’s going well for you and what you love about yourself. Meditation is also a way to clear your head and let out any negativity that’s taking up space in your mind. You can replace it with optimistic and encouraging statements that help you move forward in the right direction.
Appreciate your Body  
A negative body image certainly has the power to mess with your psyche. Your physical, mental and spiritual being all play a role in how you perceive yourself. Start appreciating the body you’re in and having the courage to make changes if you want it to look more in shape. One way to instantly improve how you see yourself is to buy sexy lingerie from Three Wishes and wear it at home by yourself and then, when your confidence has listed, for your partner. Look in the mirror and admire how beautiful you are and all you have to offer. Although it may be nerve-wracking to be so bold, it’ll prove to you that you’re perfect just the way you are.
Make Time for Self-Care
Self-love will only transpire when you’re taking care of yourself. Aim to live a healthy lifestyle and put yourself first, above your obligations. Eat right, exercise and go to bed at a decent time. Create more free time for yourself where you can go for a walk, read a book or take a hot bath. Open up your schedule by learning to say no and refusing to try to do it all. Take pride in the fact that you come first and enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. Putting self-care into practice is going to help you love yourself that much more.
Ask for Help
Self-love doesn’t mean you have to conquer the world on your own. It means you know when to reach out and ask for help when you need it. This could be as simple as asking a friend to help drive your kids to practice or telling a loved one that you’re struggling with addiction. Speak up and reach out because you love yourself and the people around you. You’re not a weak person for needing to ask someone else for help. It makes you a strong person who knows what they want. Loving yourself requires you to know when it’s best to get a second opinion and open up about what’s going on in your life.
Avoid Negative Situations & People
Stay away from negative situations and people who drag you down. Loving yourself is all about putting yourself in positive and uplifting circumstances that help you become a better person. Find other people who love you too and want to see you succeed. Surrounding yourself with negativity is only going to cause you to feel down and not care about you anymore. Take charge early on by not letting yourself get caught up in pessimistic scenarios or in with the wrong crowd. You don’t need to explain yourself, all you need to do is walk away.
Manage your Stress
Not letting stress get the best of you is a sign of self-love. Care enough about you and your loved ones to get ahead of it and not let worry run your life. When your stress is under control, you’re in control of what you say and how you act. Letting stress take over puts you at risk for acting out of character and hurting yourself or others. Find ways to manage your stress that work for you. Practice deep breathing, go for a short walk or meditate to help you live your life free of tension and anxiety.
Make Lists
Lists should be your best friend, no matter who you are. This way you can get whatever’s in your head onto a piece of paper so that you can take action. Make lists with your groceries, to-dos and your personal goals for the day. Create a list of what you love about yourself and hang it up on your mirror, so there’s no way around not seeing it each day. Lists are also a great way to record any negative feelings or emotions and make more sense of them. It’s a quick exercise that helps you immediately see what’s on your mind or bothering you.
Avoid Comparisons
Remind yourself that everyone messes up and no one’s perfect. That’s why constantly comparing yourself to other people who you don’t know much about is not helpful. You don’t always have the full story and are making assumptions about someone else’s life when you compare and contrast. The person who you do know about is yourself, so it’s best to focus your attention inward. Compare yourself to who you were a year ago, or a few months ago, and write down how you want to see yourself in the future. All that comparing yourself to other people does is make you feel upset about what you don’t have or excited that you’re better than someone else. These are emotions that won’t last and judgements that are based on your own perceived biases.
Find A Hobby you’re Good at
Focus on what you’re good at and don’t worry about what you’re not. Your strengths play an important role in who you are and have the ability to contribute to increasing your self-love. Play sports, cook or learn how to knit. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re good at it and participating in the hobby helps boost your confidence. Let yourself excel, impress and be unstoppable at the activity. Make it a part of your life and continue to perfect your skills and boost your morale.  
Set Aside Time for what you Enjoy
In addition to securing a hobby for yourself, it’s important to manage your schedule properly to increase your self-love. If you don’t like working extra hours, then start setting boundaries and request someone else to jump in and help. Ask your spouse to cook dinner one night if you want to watch a favourite show of yours. Love yourself enough to build the life you want to live and not let someone else design and dictate it for you. Spend time in nature, reflecting on your hopes, goals and dreams or go on a mini shopping spree to update your wardrobe. Do it for you and because you care about your well being and appearance.
Take A Yoga Class
Yoga has a way of not only making you more flexible but also opening your mind to new ideas and releasing toxic thoughts. You don’t have to be an expert to reap all the benefits that come with this practice. Stream a session from your television, go to a studio or find a group class outside. Get yourself a new workout outfit you can wear to your first yoga class and listen to the instructor flow through the moves, as you clear your mind and let in positive affirmations about yourself. The fact that you’re taking time out of your day to exercise is a demonstration of self-love and has the power to make you a healthier and happier person.
Let go
You have to be able to let go of what you can’t change and negative emotions if you’re going to succeed at building more self-love. Respect yourself enough to know when it’s unhealthy to hold on. Walk away and remove yourself from situations and people who cause you angst. Holding on to toxic emotions creates barriers from the person who you’re trying to become. Process what’s going on, reflect on how it makes you feel and then have the courage to let go and move on. Recognize how good it feels when you do and make it a habit, so you can continue to build up your self-love.
It’s not easy being on your own side. There are a lot of temptations and roadblocks that will try to persuade you to do otherwise, if you’re not careful. Be smart and listen to your gut when you’re unsure of how to respond. Use these tips as guidance for bringing you to a better and brighter place in your life. These are simple ways to practice self-love.


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