Planning Your Girls’ Holiday

It’s hard to stay connected with the close friends that you made during university or college. It’s not because you love each other any less, but because you simply lead separate lives. This is especially true if you move away from one another. Instead of letting your friendships fade, keep them alive by planning regular girl’s holidays away to exciting places and having fun-filled adventures with your besties. It doesn’t matter if the trip only happens once a year – you can use this time to catch up, and use the trip to keep your friendship alive. To do this, follow these steps:


Find Cheap Flights
The less you spend on getting to your destination, the more you can spend at your destination. That is why you should search for flights from your local airport, and see what is the cheapest destination. You will also be able to find the cheapest tickets for a certain destination, based on when you go.

There will never be a perfect time that all your friends will be free, so instead find the destination, the tickets, and the time before asking. That way you can entice them to work around the time you’ve selected, instead of everyone fighting to try to fit time in for a trip that will likely not happen.

Find the Perfect Accommodation
Another way that you can entice your friends to join you on the trip is to find the perfect accommodation for you all. This could be through a hotel, a hostel, or even through a rented home on services like Airbnb. The more perfect the accommodation, and the more spread out the costs, will take out the indecisiveness of trip planning and instead force your friends to simply book the time they need off to join you on your epic adventures.

Remember, You’ll Benefit from Slow Months
Though you’ll want to go and have a fun summer trip, remember that a lot of the biggest destinations to see, like Rome, will be flooded with other tourists. Beat the crowds and the heat and go during the low season. If you have chosen the cheapest flight options, you have likely already chosen a time to visit when there would be fewer tourists. The fewer people, the more special it will be for you and your friends.

Book Tours
So many cities cannot be enjoyed fully without booking tours. For instance, there are tours of the Sistine Chapel, but if you will need to book these tours in advance. Sure, you can go through cities like Rome and have a lot of fun, but the most stunning sites in Rome are found indoors and usually behind ticket barriers.

Be Patient
When you’re all on your trip, you’ll likely get frustrated with each other. To avoid this, make sure that everyone has time set aside to do something they want to do.

Friend trips are a great way to bond, have fun, and to explore a new place together. They’re also a perfect way to have the ultimate reunion between the friends you don’t see often anymore.  


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