Adopting a Greener Lifestyle at Home: 5 Ways to Do It

Global warming, deforestation, and species extinction are just some of the many horrible things that are happening to the planet we call home. As almost every one of these problems is a direct or indirect result of the ever-expanding human civilization, it is imperative that we take measures to counter the effects. As a part of the civilization, it helps greatly if we all take some of the initiatives ourselves by adopting a greener lifestyle at home. In addition to being good for the environment, the points we are going to mention below are actually good for you and your family as well.


Choose Eco-friendly Cleaning Solutions
Cleaning a house and the items in it is essential but, unfortunately, a lot of the cleaners available on the market have chemicals that not only pollute the environment but are actually bad for us as well. Avoid cleaners with phthalates, ammonia, sodium hydroxide, Chlorine, triclosan, perchloroethylene, quarternary ammonium compounds, and 2-butoxyethanol in them. Opt for herbal cleaners certified to be safe for the environment (and you) instead.

Switch to an Electric Fireplace
At a time when deforestation is a problem that’s changing the quality of air and threatening the very existence of wildlife in general, it’s almost criminal to stick to a traditional fireplace and stuff it with wood. If you are still using one, visit to learn how you can convert your old fireplace into an electric fireplace in just 11 easy steps. It will also save you a whole lot of money and effort in the long run.

Choose Glass over Plastic for Microwaves
Although it contributes towards saving the environment in the long run as well, the objective of choosing glass bowls over plastic for microwaving is primarily about taking care of the health of the users. Irrespective of the “microwave-safe” marking on the bowl, it is likely that at a certain point, it will start melting into your food and that can have disastrous health complications. Alternately, you can use porcelain and stoneware as well.

Repair those Leaky Faucets
There are regions in the US itself where clean water is a scarce commodity, so it only makes sense for you to repair those leaky faucets, pipes, shower heads, etc. Aside from saving water, it will also save you a chunk of completely unnecessary water bills.

Install a Small Photovoltaic System
If you live in an area that gets enough sunshine, don’t let all that energy go to waste. Invest some money into installing a photovoltaic system so that you can go off the power grid if you need to, save on electricity bills, and lessen the impact on the limited sources of energy at the same time.
While these are definitely effective, there are just so many more ways for us to adopt a greener lifestyle. Nevertheless, if people only started to adopt these five at home, the world would definitely see a change for the better.


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