How to Introduce Home Care When Your Loved One Says No

It is always a horrible time to see your parent’s health deteriorate. They were the ones who raised you. They were the ones who were there for you when you needed help, and in many cases still need help. When you reach the point where your parent needs you, but you can’t give that help because you aren’t qualified to help them with their medical or health conditions, you need the extra help to ensure everyone is looked after. 

What happens, though, when your parent says no to the help you’re offering them? How do you convince your parent to accept home care when they are so adamantly against it? It can be incredibly frustrating, because you want them around as long as possible, and you cannot help them with their medical requirements, or offer them the therapy that they need. You can get them the help that they need, and they can get that help in their home, you just need to be understanding and becoming more knowledgeable of the situation, so that you can persuade them.

Listen to Their Reasoning and Address Them 
Ignoring what they have to say, their reasoning, and even their fears is foolish. Listen to them. Work together on finding solutions that your parent can accept. Work through their genuine concerns together. If their concerns are unreasonable, it’s time to change tactics. Consider organising a meeting so that your parent can get to know who would be taking care of them. 

Air Your Grievances
Sometimes, parents are unable to think outside of their own means because, like all everyone else, they are human too. However, if you tell them your fears and why you cannot help them on your own, their cloud judgement may pass. For instance, for you to be the sole caregiver, it means letting go of your own career prospects and even parts of your social life. Your parent, no matter how much you like them and vice versa, should want to impact your life against your will. Make sure, though, that you tell them that you are not abandoning them and that you will also care for them – just not as their primary caregiver. 

Remind them it is the Doctor’s Recommendation
Another way to convince your parent to accept in-home care is to remind them how much they need it. Doctor’s recommendations or even prescriptions are not to be taken lightly. Would you not take medication prescribed to you? It is the same principle that can convince your parent to accept the help they need. 

Speak to the Professionals
Services like can offer the right and relevant information for both you and your loved one. By turning to such professionals for information, everyone has a better chance to fully understand the benefits and the process of introducing home care. A sudden change can be very jarring, but building it up slowly can help your parent understand what is to be expected and that home care doesn’t have to be a huge change to their way of life. Bringing in educated help from professionals who are trained in such occurrences can help persuade your parent.

Though you might be more than willing to house your parent, and try to do what you can for them, some things are beyond your expertise. Helping with medical conditions and specific treatments, as well as things like Dementia care, must be done by a professional. It’s how your parent can live better, and live for longer. 


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