How To Make Your Garden Safe For Kids

With over 100,000 children being injured in some way when they play out in the garden each year, it’s no wonder that parents and grandparents are always looking for ways to make their outside spaces that much safer. It’s great when the little ones can run free and have fun without the adults having to worry that something will happen, so here are some ideas on how to do just that. 


Check Gates And Fences 
Children love to explore, and if there is an open (or easy to open) gate or a gap in or under a fence, they’ll be through it in moments. You only need to head indoors to grab a drink, for example, and by the time you get back outside, they could be gone. It’s a heart-poundingly terrifying moment. So it’s important to check that your gates and fences are secure, and there are no escape routes within them. If you have hedges but they don’t quite reach the ground, installing some chicken wire to cut off any exit routes is a good idea. 

Give Them A Safe Space 
If you have a particularly large garden, or one that will be difficult to child-proof all the way round, then give them a section of the yard to call their own. It’s where their toys can be, and where you know it is completely safe. To make it look attractive, you could install a small picket fence, and have the kids decorate it. You might want to keep your dogs away from this area, and even give them their own space too. If so, an electronic wireless dog fence system can be a great option. 

Reduce The Chance Of Trips And Falls 
Although you can never stop every accident, you can do your best to reduce them. If you have play equipment in the yard, for example, make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions perfectly, and don’t place them where a fall could be dangerous (on a patio, or near a bush, for example). It’s best to invest in specialist play surfaces, if you can, or at least put rubber mats down underneath. If paving is cracked, make sure it is repaired or replaced as soon as possible. If you have gravel, it’s best to change it for a smoother surface; small children can choke on gravel, or stick it in their ears and nose, and a trip onto gravel is usually more serious than a trip onto paving. 

Tidy The Tools 
If you leave your garden tools out near where the children are playing, don’t be surprised if they want to pick them up. Kids love to imitate their grownups, and if they’ve seen you cutting hedges or digging holes, they might want to do the same thing. Only they won’t have the necessary skills to do it, and they could hurt themselves, or someone else. As for power tools, they should be unplugged and placed on a high shelf, preferably in a locked shed. In fact, all tools should be locked away if you can. 


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