What Do You Call Sexy?

Girls just want to be sexy. 
Don’t be fooled into thinking that being sexy is a superficial objective. There is more to appearances than meet the eye. For a start, there’s an unspoken social expectation that a girl has to be attractive. While too many claim that the assumption that a woman has to be pleasing to the eye is a form of gender discrimination, there is no denying that it is also for many young women a sign of social acceptance and integration. Being sexy is not just a part of responding to the expectations that others have of you. It’s also meeting your own objectives. As every woman has a clear image of who she should be, her look impacts greatly on how she defines her worth. Women, indeed, want to have both the brain and the charm in life! But how do you really aim for when you want to feel beautiful? 


Typical Disney’s features
As surprising as it might sound, most people share a common definition of beauty that comes directly from their childhood. Indeed, watching Disney films while growing up has established for millions of women what beautiful is like. Consequently, they can’t feel sexy unless they reproduce some of the main features of their favourite Disney princess. From Ariel, the little mermaid to Belle, big eyes and eyebrows that are set wide apart are a key denominator of beauty. Additionally, Disney films naturally associate long hair with femininity and show Mulan’s transformation as evidence that the beautiful woman can appear manly if she cuts her hair. It’s no wonder, hair extensions are so popular, especially if you can find curly extensions that add curls and volume for a sexy look. Naturally, as Mulan’s story reveals, you can have short hair, be bad-ass and remains just as attractive as ever!

All sizes are beautiful, but slim women tend to feel sexier
While you can hear more and more voices claiming that all shapes are beautiful, it doesn’t stop a lot of women to feel isolated if they can’t fit into the mould of the slim lady. Don’t feel shallow for responding to invisible social pressure and taking an appointment at a cosmetic clinic to help target spot fat deposits under the skin. The bottom line is that ultimately "normal" sizes and shapes are promoted in shops’ clothing range. While you shouldn’t let these define you, you don’t need to beat yourself up for failing to meet sizing requirements. From healthy eating to cosmetic input, you can transform your body until you fall in love with it. 

Self-confidence is your best look
Ultimately, if your target is beauty, you need to know that self-confidence is your most attractive quality. Loving who you are, embracing your flaws and convictions is what others call sexy. And if you think about it, self-asserting, positive thinking and self-acceptance are, somehow, what the strongest Disney’s princesses have in common. Belle, Mulan, Jasmine and Merida to name but a few are characters everybody admires, not only for their beautiful look but for their ability to stand up for what they believe. 

So next time, you want to feel sexy, remember this: Facial features and body shape are how you choose to let others see you. Self-confidence is how you reveal your true beauty to yourself and the world. 


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