9 Steps To Growing Longer, Stronger Hair

Are you one of the many women who struggle to grow their hair? Or do you find that your hair is weak and prone to breakage? You’re not alone. There could be many reasons why your hair doesn’t grow, but it doesn’t have to be this way.


If you’re willing to make some changes to your haircare routine, you could start to see some great results and get the long, flowing locks of your dreams.

Take a look at these nine steps for growing longer, stronger hair. 

1. Give it a trim
While it might seem counterproductive to cut the hair that you’re desperately trying to grow, getting a trim is a good way to give your hair the fresh start it needs. Cutting the ends of your hair will get rid of any damage which could cause your hair to break off - limiting any growth. If you’re growing out a short cut, or you have damage in different places - then a shag haircut could be a great cut for you while you try to improve your hair’s condition. Regular trims will help keep your ends fresh so that as your hair grows, it will be healthier.

2. Take hair supplements
The best remedy for growing your hair is to eat a healthy diet. A diet rich in vitamins and protein can help you to grow your hair and nails from within - so try to make sure you give your body what it needs. If you find that you’re unable to get the right intake of vitamins, some hair supplements might help you to grow your hair quicker. Hairburst offer a range of different products, including shampoos and conditioners that are vitamin-enriched to help you glow those long, flowing locks.

3. Treat yourself to a head massage
A massage can work wonders for your body, so the ultimate relaxing treat to help you de-stress. Just like a massage can re-energise your muscles, a head massage can stimulate hair growth. Head massages are a popular treatment in beauty salons and spas, or you can learn how to give yourself a massage so that you give your scalp a regular treat to boost your hair’s growth cycle. Whenever you wash your hair, give yourself a few extra minutes to massage the product into your scalp, it will leave you feeling extra relaxed and really work the product through your hair.

4. Use a hair mask
A hair mask is a great way to give some extra help to damaged hair. A hair mask can be nourishing, colour-protecting, volume boosting or whatever else you’re looking for to improve the look and feel of your hair. Apply a hair mask once a week to give your hair a boost, or twice a week if your hair is particularly damaged. Make it a part of your weekly routine, and you’ll soon start noticing a difference in its appearance.

5. Go longer between washes
The feeling of freshly washed hair is amazing, but it’s important to give your hair a break from time to time. Try to reduce how often you wash your hair, and avoid washing it every day if you can. Going longer between washes gives you the chance to try out different hairstyles, while dry shampoo can keep your hair looking fresher for longer. As your hair becomes used to going longer between washes, you’ll find that it starts lasting much longer to help you get the most out of your blow dry!

6. Use hair oils
Hair oils have become one of the most popular hair products in recent years, with some great products available to help you achieve sleeker, healthier locks. Do some research on the best oils for your hair type to help you choose the right product. Avoid using too much near the roots of your hair, and instead, focus on the ends. If you have any coconut oil at home, you can use that instead as an affordable hair treatment that will also leave your hair smelling incredible.

7. Ease up on the heat styling
Heat styling can help you to create some amazing hairstyles, but it could be at the expense of the condition of your hair. If you use too much heat on your hair, you’ll cause it to dry out and weaken, which will break it off at the ends. There are some great ways to style your hair without using heat, including hair extensions for irresistible hair. Natural hair is in, so embrace your natural texture and style. When you do use heat, remember to use heat protection spray on your to keep it safe from damage.

8. Invest in a silk pillowcase
A silk pillowcase is one of the best treats you can give to your hair. While cotton pillowcases are soft and easy to keep clean, they can rub against the fibres of your hair, causing them to knot. Using a silk pillowcase will mean that your hair glides against the pillow, keeping your hair smooth overnight, limiting how much you’ll need to style it the next day. You can get affordable pillowcases online from places like Amazon, or in your local homeware store. 

9. Take a break from colouring
If you colour your hair regularly, you might want to take a break to give your hair a bit of a rest. Hair dye and bleach can have an effect on the inner fibres of your hair, making them much more prone to damage. Ask your hair stylist to expand your root colour to help create the grown-out, dip-dyed look that continues to be a popular hair trend. Ask your hair stylist about different colour techniques that are less intensive, with products such as Olaplex helping to condition your hair while colouring to help prevent damage.

Whatever your hair goals, looking after your hair is important. When your hair is healthy and well-looked after, it will make those hairstyles look that much better. Take steps to take care of your hair; the results will absolutely be worth it.


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