Essential beauty tips for 2018

Beauty trends have become more fun, personalized, and glamorous than ever before. In 2018, beauty trends are bringing in bold colors, luxury products from other countries, clean makeup, and more. Keep reading to find out which beauty tips you shouldn’t miss out on this year.


Embracing all shades
In 2018, you can expect to see more inclusivity. Because of recently released foundation for any skin tone shade in a popular brand, more cosmetics brands are expected to follow suit and develop a wider variety of shades for every skin tone from porcelain to ebony. 

Glossy skin
Regardless of skin type, you will need a rich moisturizer for the glassy skin finish. This trend creates a naturally shining complexion without highlighters or illuminators. The purpose of this look is to give a finished face the nourished appearance of natural beauty as if you are not wearing makeup.

Glazed bold lips and muted blush
While matte finishes have been a go-to look in recent years, you can expect 2018 to bring back glossy lips. Red lips with a shiny or multi-colored holographic top coat are especially on trend this spring.
Warm brownish-peach tea colored eyeshadow and blush will rise in popularity, which can be paired with a bold or natural lip color.

Bold eyes with muted lips
Emphasize your eyes rather than lips with vibrant eyeshadow. From lavender or fuchsia eyeshadow to bluish mascara, you will be pairing daring eye colors with natural lip tones.

Products from Asia
Korean beauty products have been all the rage recently. Popular exfoliating face peels and hydrating masks infused with cactus, snail, or algae have been highly reviewed. Herbal skin tonics are a refreshing way to treat your skin. 

Because Korean beauty trends are such a hit, this year will see Japanese beauty products becoming the new trend. Since many Korean beauty products were inspired by Japanese products, we can expect to see the similar items but with their own spin or improvements.

Easier beauty routines
If you need to cut down on beauty products, this is your year. Cosmetic lines are moving away from multi-step beauty products and replacing them with all-in-one products, which will save you time and clutter. For some of those simple but effective beauty products that you might have seen on TV, visit the As Seen on TV Store.

Clean and eco products
Because consumers are becoming more invested in health and wellness, healthier cosmetics are gaining in popularity. Clean products are typically free of irritating, allergenic, and potentially harmful ingredients like sulfates and parabens. These healthier products contain plant-based natural ingredients so are far less likely to cause any adverse reaction. 

Saving the earth is on trend this year, and cosmetics packaging is becoming more biodegradable. Look for sustainable bamboo makeup brushes and recycled cardboard packaging. Get your hands on earth-friendly biodegradable glitter for the edgy disco-meets-punk look if you dare. 

From all-inclusive shades to bold or natural options, anyone can rock their choice of trends this year. Lovers of Korean beauty products, clean, and eco-friendly options can get excited over new Japanese beauty or clean cosmetics choices as well. Beauty trends this year bring something for everyone, so whatever natural beauty and style you have there is something for you.


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