How To Choose The Right Jewellery For Your Outfit

Our style – and by extension, our personality – is determined very often by the clothes that we wear, and the accessories that we pair with our outfits. Being able to wear the right jewellery with the right outfit for the right occasion will show off who you really are, and highlight your clothes, your style, and the jewellery itself. 


Bring Out Your Best Features 
Beautiful jewellery is designed to be enjoyed not just by the person wearing it, but by those around them too. When wearing a particular outfit, stand in front of the mirror and really look at where the eye is drawn. This is where your jewellery should be. A brooch, perhaps, or a necklace, maybe a pair of earrings… whatever it is, make the most of looking good and add some sparkle to your best features. 

Match The Occasion 
Working with your outfit is one thing, but your jewellery also needs to be appropriate for the occasion. Wearing a simple yet delightful ring from Lowndes London, for example, is great for work, and due to its sophisticated style, it can be transitioned well into party jewellery. Look at the context in which you are planning to wear your jewellery and be honest about whether it will look – and feel – out of place. When you know this, you can choose your jewellery with confidence and clarity. 

Match You
Much like your clothing and your makeup, your jewellery needs to match your skin tone, so it doesn’t look ‘off’ or ruin the effect of an otherwise stunning outfit. Choose metals and gemstones that will show off your natural skin tone, not jewellery that is going to make you look too pale or that will clash with your skin. Enjoy experimenting with different colours until you find the one that works best for you, and allows your skin, hair, and eyes to match harmoniously. 


Don’t Over Do It
If you are lucky enough to own a wide range of different, beautiful, pieces of jewellery, it can be tempting to put as much on as possible, no matter whether it enhances what you are wearing or not. Although that can be fun, it won’t give you the look you are going for; it will just make things confused. Less is certainly more when it comes to jewellery, and not every item you own will match with every outfit. Not every item you own will match with all the others either. Being strict with yourself and only wearing the jewellery that works best, leaving all the rest behind for next time, will make your outfit look so much better. 

Every piece of jewellery in your collection should be able to match with more than one outfit. Otherwise, it will go to waste, waiting until you wear that specific dress or blouse again. Being able to utilise your gems in different contexts and with different outfits is vital if you want to really make the most of them, and enjoy them to the fullest. 


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