Six great things about owning a pet

Ever since ancient times, humans have kept pets and it isn’t hard to see why – pets are great! While we might probably not go as far as our ancestors from 12,000 years ago who were actually buried alongside their pets, but they still remain a big part of lives.

They provide companionship, improve health, listen to us and help us form relationships. Not to mention all the hilarious things they do - we’ve all gone down the rabbit hole of funny pet videos on YouTube when 30 seconds of procrastinating ends up being a four-hour marathon watching every silly video in existence of a laughing cat.


Here are six great things about owning a pet

1. Pets provide companionship
The people in your life may come and go through the years, but once you’ve got yourself a furry friend, you’ve got yourself a companion for life. One of the best perks about being a pet owner is knowing that when you come home from work, there will always be a companion there waiting to greet you when you call out their cute pet name after a long day.

2.  Pets listen to us
Humans and animals speak different languages, but pets can listen to our woes and understand when we are down. They can judge moods and if needed, will always be on hand to cheer us up, whether it be by seeking some attention for a cuddle or by doing something stupidly entertaining.

3. Pets are entertaining
Yes, pets are entertaining, and they will provide you with a laugh after laugh for a lifetime. Whether it is a dog chasing its own tail or a cat trying to catch a shadow, you can never have too much laughter in your life and pets can be a constant source of giggles.


4. Pets can help you form relationships
Pets will always give you something to talk about when you meet new people, even if you don’t agree with them about anything else. They allow you to connect with other animal lovers and build friendships. One minute it’s just a friendly “hello” to the guy you see walking his adorable little dog through the woods every weekend, the next you’re going out for a coffee – and it’s all down to your pet.

5. Pets can help improve your health
Walking a dog has obvious health benefits in that you are out in the open and exercising. It doesn’t just stop at that though. Pets can help lift stress and depression and they can even help you overcome allergies as exposure to animal allergens over a period can boost your immune system.

6. Pets are great for all ages and situations
It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, whether you are single, married, divorced or have a family. Pets are great for every age and situation. Pets can teach children about companionship, kindness and looking after one another while they can prevent loneliness in the elderly. If you are single, they are great to have around the house, and if you have a family, they bring everyone together.

That’s the best thing of all – it is impossible to fall out with a pet. 


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