Style Tips For Transitioning Into Spring

OK, so we know it’s still rainy and cold outside, and those glorious spring days may seem like a long way off yet, but we’re almost into March (I know, how has that happened?!) and soon the evenings will be getting lighter and we will be bidding farewell to the de-icer, and warmly welcoming blue skies and sunshine on our faces. Yes, I am talking about the arrival of spring. Most of us all love a good spring clean and organising our lives after hibernating over the winter. Starting the season a fresh is a such fabulous feeling and where better to start with said spring clean than with our wardrobe. Every year when the seasons change, I love putting away those winter warmers and bringing out lighter fabrics. There is something so liberating about the first day of the year where you can step outdoors without a coat on, don't you agree?
Now girls, let's be real. We don’t really need much of an excuse to browse online through our favourite shops, but this time of year is the perfect time to treat yourself in celebration of surviving the winter. With a new season, comes new trends and hunting down some new pieces for our shiny, freshly organised spring wardrobe is something that just has to be done. You know, as a reward for enduring all those cold miserable days not long passed...


"Jumpsuits are your new best friend"
The arrival of spring doesn't mean we can pack all of our warm items of clothing away. It will still be cold for a while yet, so instead it is about swapping, and altering as we transition. Our heaviest winter coat may be a bit too warm for the weather now, but we will still need a jacket on hand for those inevitable cooler days. If like me you have worn jeans and a jumper all winter long then now is the perfect time to switch it up a bit. The Jumpsuits at River Island are killer at the moment and this spring jumpsuits are your new best friend. A perfect staple that will see you through until summer. Whether you like ruffles and frills or a tailored silhouette, River Island have it all in at the moment.

"Accessories are your successories!"
The key to nailing a killer spring look, is all in the accessories. Swap those bobble hats for a fedora or floppy hat. Opt for ankle boots over knee highs. And choose the right jewellery for your outfit. Spring means that more flesh will be exposed after being hidden under a dozen layers for the past few months. An effective way to snazz up a basic tee is with a statement watch or necklace. Of course, sunglasses are the ultimate way to really complete an outfit, so even if the sun doesn't want to shine just yet, wear those sunnies anyway, it's technically spring, so why not!

What are your top tips for nailing spring style?


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