The Art Of Looking After Yourself

As we go through life it is easy to forget to look after ourselves the way we should. We eat the wrong things, drink the wrong things, go to sleep with makeup on and skip the gym because we can’t be bothered to go. Looking after yourself doesn’t mean that you have to treat your body as a temple, but you do have to believe that you’re a goddess and that you’re worth the effort. All of these things should be done for yourself and not for anyone else, the way you fell and the way you look is something that you should determine for you, and not because someone told you that you should be a certain way. When you spend time pampering yourself, putting makeup on and choosing an outfit to wear, you shouldn’t be made to feel like you’re not beautiful without it all, nor that you are any less beautiful for wearing it. If it makes you feel good, then why not? 


When it comes to your health, you need to speak up. When you feel ill, you need to see a doctor. It happens too often that people just don’t want to go to the doctor’s simply because it inconveniences them. It is also annoying that doctor’s surgeries always have a waiting list and close before half of the population is home from work. So look into things like GPs powered by babylon, an online GP app that allows you to chat to a doctor at any time. 

When choosing what to eat, you are more than welcome to all of the ‘bad’ food people tell you not to eat, just eat it in moderation. A healthy balanced diet is all you need to live a healthy lifestyle, and still have room for some treats now and again. Just think about introducing new recipes and ingredients into your diet - dark green veg is rich in iron, swapping cows milk for almond will help to reduce bloat and clear your skin, less carbs do the same thing. You don’t have to deprive yourself of the things you love, just make sure it’s in moderation. 

Again, exercising doesn’t mean you suddenly become a gym bunny or change your whole lifestyle. But introducing a workout routine will always benefit your body. If you want something out of the gym, then try running, swimming or yoga. There are workouts you can do at home and ones that only take ten minute a day. 

So many people lose confidence in themselves because of their skin. But there are many things you can do to help clear it up. The first is one already mentioned; changing your diet. Dairy, caffeine and sugar all contribute to bad skin so think about swapping for different products. A daily skin care routine will go a long way towards clearing up acne and evening out your complexion, just don’t forget sunscreen in your routine. You can also give your skin a deep cleanse with an exfoliating mask or scrub, followed by steaming your face. Fill a basin with hot water and lean into the steam, drape a towel over your head to trap the steam. You can add essential oils to the water to give your skin an extra boost. 


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