Top Tips for Switching from Smoking to Vaping

Switching from smoking to vaping is a wise decision that many people have already made, and it doesn’t have to be a difficult undertaking. In fact, it can actually be a pleasure. Because you’re replacing one habit with another, the transition can be much easier than you’d think. These six tips can help. 


Start with a Simple Vaping Device

Vaping devices come in an overwhelming variety, but you can keep it simple by starting simple. The most straightforward devices are vape pens, which consist of three components: a rechargeable battery, a heating element, and a chamber for your e-liquid. Vape pen starter kits usually come with a battery charger, giving you the basics you need to start vaping right away.

Choose a Real Tobacco E-Liquid

Since you’re already used to tobacco flavor from cigarettes, choosing a real tobacco vaping liquid can help make the transition easier. Black Note tobacco e-juice is an ideal choice, since it’s flavored by real tobacco extract rather than artificial tobacco flavoring.

Real tobacco e-juice is not only more authentic and flavorful than synthetic tobacco flavoring, but you’ll also avoid the chemical additives used to create the artificial color and flavor.

Pick the Right Nicotine Level

Most e-liquid companies offer a variety of nicotine levels ranging anywhere from 18 to 24 mg to 0 mg. Smokers used to smoking at least one pack of cigarettes per day typically want to start at the higher end of the nicotine scale.

Even if your ultimate goal is to reduce your nicotine intake to quit smoking and vaping entirely, you want to begin with a level of nicotine to which your body is already accustomed. Starting with a matching nicotine level, and then gradually reducing nicotine levels over a period of time, can help eliminate severe nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Opt for the Right PG/VG Ratio

Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are two ingredients found in most vaping liquids. PG is known for providing the throat hit, while VG helps produce larger vape clouds.

Most vaping liquids automatically come with a 50/50 ratio of PG/VG, although PG has been known to cause minor throat irritation or coughing in some people. If you end up with either symptom, you may want to try a different ratio that has a lower level of PG.

Stay Hydrated

Both PG and VG absorb moisture from their environment, which would be your mouth in the case of vaping. New vapors sometimes experience thirst or dry mouth, both of which can be remedied by drinking adequate water while vaping.

Keep Your Device Ready to Go

Keep an eye on your battery level and e-juice chamber to make sure your device is always ready to go. You may want to invest in a second battery that can remain charging while the other one is in use.

Now all you have to do is reach for your vape every time you would normally reach for a cigarette, letting the new habit fall neatly into place.


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