How to Improve Intimacy within Your Relationship

Intimacy is at the heart of every committed relationship. Yet, it’s easy to become complacent when in a long-term partnership. It is, however, important to look for ways to keep the flame burning, even after many years have gone by. Here’s how to improve intimacy within your relationship.


Adopt the Same Sleeping Schedules
Do you and your partner go to bed at different times? Have you developed different routines? It’s time to get back in sync by going to bed together at the same time. Adopting the same sleeping schedule will allow you both to enjoy a night-time routine, so you can wind down and relax together, and it will also give you some time for you both to reconnect. 

Overcome Sexual Health Problems
A sexual health problem could be putting a barrier up in your relationship. Rather than accepting a problem, you must look for a solution to continue to enjoy an active sex life. For example, if your partner is suffering from erectile dysfunction, you can restore intimacy with an over-the-counter Viagra from Penis Enlargement Reviews at

Maybe your sex life has diminished because you no longer feel emotionally connected to your partner. Restore your relationship by reminiscing about times gone by. For example, you could pull out your wedding album to look at great photographs from the day, which could remind you both why you got married in the first place. You could also watch home movies, read your wedding vows, or return to places you used to visit when you first entered your relationship. It can remind you both how much you love each other, which could ultimately make you both emotionally and physically closer to your spouse.

Give Your Partner a Present
There are different types of gifts that could help restore intimacy in a relationship. For example, cooking your spouse’s favourite dinner can prove how much he is loved and appreciated, or you can treat him to a back or foot massage. You simply need to find ways to prove to your partner how much you love him, which can help to keep the spark alive in your relationship.

Love Yourself
How you feel about yourself can determine your relationships. If you feel unattractive, your confidence can affect intimacy in a relationship. If you want to restore intimacy, you must start by loving yourself. Your partner will love you just the way you are; however, you can also do things to make you feel happier in your own skin, such as eating well, exercising, and wearing confidence-boosting clothing.

Support Your Partner
There is more to intimacy than sex. It’s important to connect on an emotional level with your partner, which can ultimately result in a more physical connection. Small actions can make a dramatic difference to your relationship. Be there for your partner by asking about their day, greeting them with open arms at the door, or surprising them with an unexpected kiss. It will express your love in different ways, which can make your partner feel both loved and supported.


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