Ideas For Planning A Winter Wedding

Ideas For Planning A Winter Wedding 
Winter weddings have long been hailed as the apex of romance, and you can’t help but visualize the scene and envisage snowdrops growing on either side of a cobbled path leading to a cozy, candlelight church. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the reality and winter can hold many surprises up its sleeve by way of short blizzards and sleeting rain. You’ll need to prepare for all weather eventualities so that the wind, rain, or even snow doesn’t scupper your plans. If you prepare, then no amount of cold weather will ruin your special day, and you can look back on your wedding as the winter wonderland fantasy you planned it to be. 

Keep It Cosy 
If you’re getting married in the winter months, then you’ll have to spare a considerable thought to how you’re going to keep warm and brace from the chilly weather. Think roaring log fires and faces warmed by the glow of the crackling flames. The location you choose should provide you with the cozy setting you want, so look at having both your ceremony and reception in a homely establishment. It will also negate the need of traveling from one venue to the next and risking getting caught in the cold. Look at places in the country, such as luxury hotels and romantic wedding venues in Suffolk, like Woodhall Manor if you choose to celebrate your wedding in the UK. You can truly deck the halls, so to speak, with don't hold back on a variety of floral arrangements. Since it’s winter, you’ll want to bring the outside in so lavish the venue with as much foliage you wish. 


Be Practical 
Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life, so you most definitely do not want it hampered by catching a chill and shivering down the aisle. Extra layering is key to keeping warm so don’t be taken aback by the suggestion of wearing thin but effective thermals under your wedding suit or dress. Your priority should be keeping yourself warm and ensuring that your guests will be warm too, so don’t be shy about scattering cozy blankets on fabric chairs and sofas. By doing this, you’ll also achieve a snug and comfortable feel to the reception. 

Inject Some Color 
The winter months aren’t the most colorful, so think about ways in which you can inject some vibrancy into your big day. Early flowering hyacinths are a great option, and you can be sure to source them in a variety of colors, so you shouldn’t have any trouble incorporating them into the scheme of your wedding. You should also think about how you’ll present your wedding cake. For example, if you’ve opted for a traditional white frosting then adding a bright element such as bejewelling the design with some red berries will be reminiscent of seeing red berries flashing through the heavy dusting in the snow.

Warm your guests and provide a selection of hot drinks. Think mulled wines and ciders and a non-alcoholic choice for those who aren’t drinking. Add winter spices to each of your creations to help warm things up. 

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