5 Color Trends for Spring and Summer 2018

When it comes to fashion, there are a lot of aspects to look at. From cut to cloth to even minor accessories, you can change the entire tone of your outfit by altering minor details. If any of these minor details can dictate your outfit then a major detail like color can really switch up the way your outfit looks.

However, not all colors work universally when put to cloth. Just like other trends, though, favorite colors in fashion come and go. For example, in the 1980s, bright colors were popular and portrayed a young, fun vibe in their use. But, what are the colors palettes that designers are using this spring and summer, though? What color trends will keep you looking fashionable while you enjoy the sun in 2018? In this article, we will take a look at some of these palettes so you know exactly what to wear this spring and summer to stay on top of color trends. 


Pastel Palette
One symbol of spring that has been around for decades is the use of pastel colors. In fact, right around the time Easter rolls around, we start to see more pastel colors out and about. However, in fashion, these colors have a place all throughout spring and can even be rolled over into the summer. 
A pastel palette includes colors such as pale purples, millennial pink, robin’s egg blue, muted turquoises, and other similar colors. You can rock these colors on their own such as in the form of a pastel dress but it’s also great to pair with neutral tones like white and black. 
This trend is great if you want to pull off a sweet and feminine look. However, the use of pastels can also be a refreshing and versatile choice for men’s fashion as well. Try on a pastel suit for size and you’ll be impressed by the results. 

Classic Color Palette
An old fan favorite is the classic color palette and it hasn’t fallen out of style with some of the industry’s biggest designers. When you hear the phrase “classic palette”, the colors that are being mentioned include navy blue, grays, whites, and sandy colors. 
With these colors, you can create a more reserved look. However, you don’t just have to focus on using these colors on their own. Because they are rather neutral, they can be paired with other colors and used as base for building other outfits. Since they are so easy to pair together and with other colors, this is a good palette for less confident fashionistas and newcomers to the fashion scene. 

Bold Colors
Remember how we mentioned the bright colors of the 1980s? Well, they aren’t a trend that’s died out yet! In fact, these aren’t just a trend kept alive by influencers online, this color palette is being used on runways in New York and Paris by designers like Christopher Kane and Roksanda Ilincic. These colors aren’t hard to work with either. They can be worn on their own for a particularly bold look or you can wear a bright top with a pair of jeans or neutral colors to add a flash of color. 

Metallic Colors
Bold colors are one way to catch eyes but alternatively you can employ the use of metallics. The important thing to remember when you are using metallics, though, is that it is extremely easy to go overboard. You don’t want to walk around looking like a disco ball so remember to use metallics sparingly in your outfit. 

Bohemian Color Palette
Finally, we have the bohemian color palette. This palette includes browns, oranges, and deep purples. These colors are usually paired in long skirts, flowing tops, and fringed shawls. This style is rooted in the 1970s and it can be used to achieve a free-spirited look. 


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