Mud, Mountain Biking and A Movement

In the world of Pinterest fashion and birthday parties, mud, dirt, and adventure have been relegated to the back corner of the internet (ahem, "forums." Remember them? They still exist.) But there is a strong movement of women who are actively bringing it back. They are unlocking the little-known world of Mountain biking and helping grown women find their "inner girl."

Meet some of these inspiring Riders:

Kate Courtney
The under-23 world is a fun one to watch. It is in this age bracket that you find the athletes with the potential to start making big moves, and in that regard, Kate is leading the pack. With her first UCI World Cup Win already in hand, her cross-country -- or XC -- career is just getting started. But that's not all; she continues to excel as a human biology student at Stanford University. Being a "World Class Racer" is enough of a title in itself. The same goes for being a "Stanford Student." Kate Courtney manages to do both, demonstrating that you can have your bike and ride it, too.

Monica Garrison
If there is a rarity in cycling, it is the cycling female. Women make up less than 20% of the sport. But if there were a "unicorn," it would be a cycling enthusiast who was also the black woman. The equipment to begin amateur racing is expensive. And few women in the black community get to enjoy riding a high-end bicycle or having friends that are into it. And so, for the longest of time, it has been a relatively segregated sport.

Monica is trying to change that.

Monica knows that there is nothing as freeing as feeling the wind in your hair as you ride with friends. And so she started the "Black Girls Do Bike"  Organization. A one-of-a-kind community designed to connect the girls and inspire more ridership. The movement started in Pittsburgh but has expanded to many cities. While not solely Mountain Bike focused, these girls are moving mountains when it comes to getting the sport to a group of girls who would otherwise be rarely exposed to it.

Lea Davison
No list would be complete without Lea. This little spitfire knows what it is to compete at the highest levels. With two Olympic appearances in 2012 and 2016, she shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Her Instagram profile perfectly captures the spirit of the female racer. You get the picture of someone who is vibrantly in love with life. A person who loves the dirt and the challenge. And it is this dream that she is passing on to a new generation of riders through her new all-girls mountain bike mentoring program called the Little Bellas.

It's Your Turn
When it comes to fitness, there are countless options.
But for the woman who loves getting well off the beaten path, there is no better adventure than an afternoon of mountain bike riding.

Buying your first mountain bike is easy. A site like Dave's Cheap Bikes will have an affordable selection to choose from. Who knows? Maybe you will be the athlete who masters the art of taking beautiful photos of mountain biking. Pinterest needs more mountain biking photos.


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