How to Spend Less on Your Fashion and More on Your Style

When it comes to fashion, most people think that money talks. They’ll assume that the more expensive their clothes are, the more fashionable they’ll be. They’ll shell out triple-digit figures for simple dresses and shirts that have brand names on them, and they won’t think much about how the garment looks, just that is has a reputation.

The high-end fashion industry is built on exclusivity. Even if you had the money, you can’t just simply go out and buy something (at least, in most cases). Instead, you’ll need to queue up at stores, you’ll need to find out when the latest items are dropping and you’ll have to invest some serious time, effort and cash just to own something. However, there’s no doubt that the thrill of owning something so exotic, exclusive and expensive has a rush of its own.

But we’re here to teach you that fashion doesn’t need to be expensive. Instead, we’re going to teach you how to spend less on your fashion and more on your own personal style.


Learn to use colours to your advantage

With summer coming soon, people are obsessed with summer colours on everything from their clothes to their hair colour. Summer colours can include light shades and bright hue, but muted colours also work great. The idea here is to learn what colours compliment your skin and your hair, but also what colour combinations work to create beautiful outfits. Once you learn how to utilize colours, you can start to focus on buying clothing and accessories that match your style instead of blindly purchasing branded clothes.

Look outside the box when buying clothes

Don’t shop where everyone else shops. Instead, look at places such as a lingerie outlet store, online clothing boutiques or even thrift stores. Not only will this set you apart from the rest because you’re not buying the same things, but you’ll be exposed to more styles and brands, meaning you can mix and match different types of clothing that are more suited to your style. It’s all about exploring your choices and putting together something special.


Stop following trends and spend more time developing your style

We all have our personal likes and dislikes when it comes to fashion. If you take a look at your wardrobe, you might find that you’re into dresses, you might love hoodies or you could be a huge denim fan. The types of clothes that you wear will ultimately define who you are, and no one wants to be seen as a sheep that only wears celebrity clothing. Wear what you want to. Decide what your own style is and stop worrying about trends and how you can follow what others are wearing. You’ll find that spending time developing your style can help you save money and a lot of future frustrations.

It’s important to spend more time developing your own sense of style instead of just blindly purchasing whatever is expensive and trendy. It’ll help you save money, but also helps you build confidence in your own clothing and appearance.


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