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I absolutely love dressing for the summer. It's fun, and there are so many ways you can switch it up. Changing to bright colours and prints, as opposed to the colder months when it is just so easy to opt for black and dark shades. Making a simple outfit look 10x better just by putting on a pair of sunglasses, or a kimono. Summer, we like you a lot. Please stay!

Here are some of my favourite trends this season:


Sequins are well known for being a firm festival favourite. If it doesn't sparkle in the sun don't bother wearing it! I'm taking sequins out of the field this summer and working them into everyday wear too. You don't have to go full on glitter ball though, there are lots of ways you can incorporate sequins into an outfit. A sparkly choker or a sequin bag is a great way to do sequins a bit more low-key, but if you want to go for a show stopping number, maxi dresses are a great option and will guarantee to have you lighting up the room.

No summer wardrobe is complete without plenty of colourful clothes and accessories inside of it. Whether you are a fan of bright bold colours, subtle pastels, or a mixture of both, now is the time to start mixing them into your outfits. Dresses, tops, and even jeans are really easy ways to work some colour into your staple spring summer wardrobe pieces. If you are more of a fan of a monochrome palette, a bright bag or pair of funky shoes will give you that extra splash of colour, whilst still staying true to your personal style.

I am loving stripes at the moment, especially in bold colours. There’s something about a basic striped tee that can do no wrong. I think we have been taught to be afraid of stripes, but please don't be! You can use them to your advantage to add dimension to your body shape. Vertical stripes can give the illusion of making you look taller, and horizontal stripes don’t always make you look wider than you are contrary to popular belief. Smaller stripes generally work better on cotton fabrics that don't cling to the body. If you are unsure, just give stripes a go, after all, there is no harm in trying!

What are your favourite summer trends this year? Will you be choosing sequins, colour or stripes for any summer occasions?

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