Anyone else kind of obsessed with hats? Actually, scrap that. Accessories in general? I have said it before, and I will say it again, but accessories = successories. A simple accessory can really transform your look. Accessories should never be overlooked.
The power of accessories

Pain caused by joint issues is pretty common, especially in elderly dogs. Unfortunately, if these conditions are left untreated they usually deteriorate causing more pain and possibly impairment. Thankfully, if the condition is detected early, there are plenty of pet medical supplies for joint health that can help reduce inflammation and the pain.

The common misconception pertaining to joint health in dogs is that it affects only elderly pets. However, as a responsible pet parent, you need to stay ever vigilant and look for signs of arthritic pain and other joint issues. To prepare you to detect the subtle symptoms, following are 5 signs of joint pain in dogs and cats.

5 Early Signs Your Pet Might Be Suffering from Joint Problems


Festival season is well and truly here... Can I get a hell yeahhhh! 
What I love most about festival style, is the sense of fun. You can find so many wonderful, wacky pieces when browsing festival clothing and often clothes are just that tiny bit more eccentric than 'ordinary' clothes. Bold prints and patterns, big sleeves, shiny fabric, whatever it is, in my book, it's all good.
Clothes that make you want to dance


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