Current Hair Trends You’ll Want to Embrace

In 2017 we witnessed many great hair days, including Kim Kardashian’s long blonde locks and those stunning rose gold hairdos that stood out from the crowd. 
However, 2018 hasn’t let the style stakes slip as we’re witnessing some of the hottest hair trends ever.
Below, I’ve pulled together just a few of these key trends that’ll have you running off to the hairdressers in no time at all: 


Shadow Hair 
This look is all about the dimensions – as are most trends. Gone are the days of flat, boring colours and in their place is oodles of depth of colour. 
However, this doesn’t just mean getting highlights as shadow hair is proving increasingly popular.

What does it involve?
Adding shadows to your hair that look natural and make your colour shine – plus it saves you tripping off to the salon all the time. This is because you can combine a balayage with babylights and shadow toning to create a natural-looking root that means you can wait 4-6 months before you get them retouched. 

Oversized Braids 
Braids may have been quite popular for a while but it seems this year oversized braids (with a messy touch) are a must-have. Just finish them off with a black ribbon for added oomph and sophistication. Boasting a romantic look, these are ideal for winter and when you want to keep hair away from your face. 

Wet-Look Waves
Another look we’ve seen Kim Kardashian rocking, wet-look waves finally give you a hairstyle that won’t be ruined by Mother Nature. However, that said, it does take some skill and product to nail this look.

You’ll need to curl your hair in a number of directions before running some treatment oil (quite a bit) through your hair. Then finish with a soft wax to create the shine and to hold them in place. (You can kit yourself out with everything need at places like Capital Hair & Beauty). 

Coffee Balayage
Watch out sister, there’s a new balayage in town. 
This uses the same techniques as the traditional balayage but (surprise, surprise) uses coffee colours to achieve the look. Going from a shot of espresso to a soft latte colour, this look is to die for, especially when it’s teamed with a classy bob.

Middle Partings 
These can create a real statement and, if you didn’t have one before, can really change how you look. That’s why this year many are ditching the side parting for one that runs straight down the middle – the more bold and dramatic it is, the better. However, they’re not for everyone, so always check to see if this look will work for you before you have your hair cut to suit it. 

Sadly, I don’t have enough room to cover ALL of the cool trends I’ve seen around but others to definitely watch out for include gem roots and rose brown hair. 


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