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Vinyl flooring has seen some big improvements over the years and has become one of the simplest flooring types to maintain. Vinyl flooring is generally used in rooms that need extra maintenance as a rule, like bathrooms, kitchens, and mudrooms. Occasional spills are likely to occur in these rooms from hairspray and ketchup to sand and mud being dropped  or brought in, right daily maintenance will need to be done to keep your vinyl floors looking remarkable.

Manufactures generally have their own or advised cleaning products for their vinyl flooring. Once you buy your flooring to be sure to read their suggestions as some cleaners will actually damage the vinyl's protective coating and or destroy the natural sheen of the flooring. General maintenance is a must sweeping, vacuuming or drop mopping should be a regular routine.

Many producers will have a 2 or 3 part system for keeping the vinyl floor looking fresh. This generally consist of a refinishing product and cleaner a striper and they each have advise times for use ensure to follow their suggestions if you want to sustain that just laid down look.
Generally a cleaner will be used on a weekly basis but can be used more commonly if necessary. 
Strippers are generally used once a year their main objective is to get rid of the soapy build up from your normal mopping and cleaning of the floor which does build up after time giving your floor a boring look.

The refinishing product is used to support bring back your floors shine. Refinishing should not be done to often so ensure to follow the producers advises or you may not only destroy your finish you may well void your warranty.

Without right precaution vinyl flooring can be destroyed by moving appliances and furniture so use care when doing it. Chairs and other furniture with rollers on them should be used on a vinyl floor as these will sooner or later destroy your floor over time.

Should your floor become destroy by a little cut or tear it is top to repair these quickly to save from any additional damage that may happen. Using a little amount of the producers advised seam sealers will seal these cuts and tears and save your floor from high damage.

Vinyl flooring is a durable and cost-friendly type of flooring as long as you know its restrictions. Following these steps will keep your vinyl floor looking remarkable for years, just bear in mind that vinyl flooring does have its restrictions.


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