Travelling with a vaping device can be complicated. As a vaper, you understand that sometimes there are rules and restrictions imposed on e-cigs and vape pens, which you must follow. Aeroplanes and airports have their own sets of internal procedures and guidelines on the subject of vape devices, additional to the laws that are imposed by the country. That’s just one of the reasons you should learn more about this and prepare yourself and your vape kit before you travel abroad. We gathered a few tips and tricks from experienced vapers and compiled a list of important notes for you to read before you catch a flight.

Vaping Tips For Travelling

Fashion labels are continuously upping their game, and not just with new clothing ranges. More and more often we are seeing them using their influence and power to make a change for a good cause. By focusing on social issues the wider community, many fashion label are really making a positive impact. Below we look at some of the fashion labels which have done, or are, working on charitable causes which are really making a difference.


Take Lacoste as an example. They recently launched a #LacosteSaveOurSpecies campaign at the start of the year, where they replaced their classic crocodile logo with images of endangered species on their classic polo shirts, offering limited editions of each animal in relation to how many of the species there are left in the wild. The new logos were designed using the same green colouring and style as the iconic crocodile. The concept was to mark a three-year partnership between Lacoste and the International Union for Conservation of Nature — whose mission it is to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature. They focused on 10 of the most threatened species on the planet; the Vaquita, Burmese Turtle, Northern Sportive Lemur, Javan Rhino, Kakapo, Cao-vit Gibbon, California Condor, Saola, Sumatran Tiger and the Anegada Ground Iguana. The Save Our Species polo shirts were launched during the brand’s runway show at Paris Fashion Week and sold out immediately. The money from the shirts was donated towards the fight for wildlife conservation worldwide. Pretty cool, huh!


Another major fashion label showing support for a worthy cause is Gucci. They have donated half a million dollars in support of tighter gun control. The movement was announced following the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February which resulted in 17 people tragically dying. Gun crime is sadly something which has directly affected the fashion house with the death of Gucci salesman, Javier Jorge-Reyes, and injury of Gucci store manager, Leonel Melendez Jr — both caused by gun violence, so it is an issue close to the heart of the brand, and through donating to the cause, Gucci are making their opinion on gun control heard — commemorating the lives of those lost to gun violence and those who campaign for stricter laws.
In a statement by Gucci, talking about the March For Our Lives campaign for tighter gun control, it was said: “We stand with March For Our Lives and the fearless students across the country who demand that their lives and safety become a priority. We have all been directly or indirectly impacted by these senseless tragedies, and Gucci is proud to join this movement with a donation of $500,000.”
Fashion Labels That Are Making A Positive Difference

Studying for college or university may not come naturally to all of us. Sometimes it can be difficult to get into a good routine or pattern. We may struggle with aspects of studying like note taking or revising before an exam, but it's important to remember that there are lots of tools and tips that we can learn or adapt into everyday life which will help us. I've written a quick list of some top tips which will help you improve your studying technique.

Get into a studying routine
You'll soon get to find a routine that works for you. Whether you prefer to study at the same time and at the same place each day, or if you prefer to switch it up by studying at different times of the day in different places. Some people find they are the most productive as soon as they wake up, whilst others find their minds are more awake later in the day. Establishing a routine will become a big help. Remember to take breaks as it is counterproductive to study for long periods of time. Find a comfortable place which is preferably well lit. You may find it beneficial to study with other people from time to time. A study group may be a great way to stay motivated and make you feel less alone during a time which can sometimes feel stressful. 

Avoid distractions
If you are easily distracted or are rather good at procrastinating, take those distractions out of the picture and try and stay focused. Turn your phone onto do not disturb or aeroplane mode. One whatsapp message 'bing' may lead to half an hour spent texting with your mates about plans for the weekend when you should be focused on your work. If it can wait, make it wait. Avoid studying with or near anyone who is going to distract you. Whilst study groups can be beneficial, it isn't always a good idea to be around certain people when you need to get your head down. If you like a bit of background noise opt for music rather than TV.  It is a lot easier to get distracted by the TV and some music may actually help you stay focused too.

Tips For Improving Your Studying Technique

Trends come and go. Some are more eccentric than others, and many we are glad to see the back of. There's nothing better than looking back at old photos of yourself and cringing at the trends of the time, but knowing at the time you thought you looked like a style icon. Remember the double denim trend of early 00s for example? Sported by Britney and Justin at the 2001 AMAs or the infamous 'spice girls' platform trainers of the 90s. Looking back at quirky fashion trends over the years is pretty interesting, and it's always fun to see different trends re-appearing with a slight modern twist, but how did those original trends begin?

Quirky Fashion Trends and How They Began

Fast paced living is a thing of the norm. Without realising it, we have become accustomed to constantly being on the go. We work and send emails on the go, and sometimes we even eat on the go. Now, I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with using your precious time efficiently. A 'go go go' lifestyle is what works best for many of us, after all, there are so many things that need doing, and so little hours in the day to do them. Getting your laptop out on the train to catch up on work instead of unwinding with a good book is sometimes the only way you find time to cram everything in. Sometimes we are so incredibly busy that a sandwich whilst walking to our next meeting is just all we have time for. That is sometimes just the way it goes, which is why it is becoming ever more important to take some time out of your day simply for yourself. Taking  time out to relax.. Time just for you. Yes, I am talking about the all important 'me time'.

How you choose to spend your 'me time' is entirely down to preference. That goes without saying. As long as you are giving yourself some quality time to yourself that's all that matters. Our personal needs can sometimes be left forgotten about and amongst all of the hustle and bustle of modern day life and the endless to do list and never ending tasks, sometimes, we just forget one of the most important things of all; self care. It isn't selfish to take time out for yourself. It is incredibly important in order to maintain good physical and mental health.

Here are a few things you could do to help you relax, unwind, and get that all important me time:


Invest in a gym membership
Working out has tons of health benefits. We all know that. Joining a gym is a great way to allow yourself time to focus on yourself and improve your quality of health. An hour every day, or even every other day, is not a huge amount of time in the grand scheme of things, but the benefits from that time are enormous. Get those endorphins flowing! When your body feels great, your mind does too.

Get a Steam shower or Whirlpool bath
If you are not so keen on the whole gym thing, and much prefer the idea of enjoying your me time in your own home, you might want to consider a luxury home spa treatment in the form of a whirlpool bath or a steam shower. These are self enclosed showers that contain everything from telephones, radios, to body massage jets, mood lighting, steam generators and much more. Sounds pretty amazing right? Check out The Insignia Shower Collection for more info. I feel relaxed just thinking about them! Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing than a lovely hot shower or bath, and when you include music, or perhaps a good book and ambient lighting, it's a perfect set up for the ultimate relaxation experience!

Treat yourself
Treating yourself every now and then can be a really positive thing. Whether you want to treat yourself to a day out somewhere, a lunch date with friends, something new to wear, or a new book to get stuck into in an evening. Whichever way you choose to treat yourself to is entirely up to you, that is the beauty of it! It's about thinking about your own needs and wishes and allowing yourself the pleasure of doing it. Treating yourself can be a great way to cheer yourself up and make you feel good. Treating yourself can even be a simple thing like painting your nails. The main thing to remember is YOU. Giving yourself that time and enjoying whatever it is you are treating yourself to. You deserve it!

Are You Getting Enough Me Time?

With summer drawing to an end and September meaning that many of us will be starting to go back to school, college or university, now is the perfect time to really start to focus on what it is we want to gain from the upcoming academic year. Initially, it might be difficult to make the transition from summer holidays to 'back to school' and getting out of the 'on vacation' mindset can not only be hard, but at times feel a little bit miserable. With that considered, one way to get motivated and ready for getting that head stuck into some books is something I have loved doing at the start of the new school year ever since I was a child. Stationary shopping!

Remember on the first day back to school, how everyone was so excited to show off their new pencil case, their new folders, and if they were really lucky, their cool flexi-ruler? Well, as an adult, the stationary excitement is still very much real for so many of us, but these days, it's less about the flexi-ruler, and more about being practical and organised. Whether that's from customised document folders, fancy ring binders or printed notebooks. Nothing makes you want to get organised more than a brand new tabbed dividing folder. Am I right? Making sure those supplies are aesthetically pleasing definitely helps to beat the back to school blues. Who said education had to be boring! After all, there has to be some good things about long days in the library when we have become so used to lazy days at the beach. 

Studying: Motivation & tips


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