Quirky Fashion Trends and How They Began

Trends come and go. Some are more eccentric than others, and many we are glad to see the back of. There's nothing better than looking back at old photos of yourself and cringing at the trends of the time, but knowing at the time you thought you looked like a style icon. Remember the double denim trend of early 00s for example? Sported by Britney and Justin at the 2001 AMAs or the infamous 'spice girls' platform trainers of the 90s. Looking back at quirky fashion trends over the years is pretty interesting, and it's always fun to see different trends re-appearing with a slight modern twist, but how did those original trends begin?

On the top
We have Madonna to thank for making underwear as outerwear famous in the nineties with her cone-shaped corset designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. It never met the high street however, some may say that's a good thing, but that's a matter of opinion... Lindsay Lohan was also once seen on the catwalk with a black corset top layered over a white shirt, of course, paired with the once popular bootcut jean. More recently in 2018, we’ve seen the Kardashians bring the corset trend back with a ‘mini corset’ worn around the waist to show off those curves over a loose dress. Other celebrity influencers have also taken on the trend.

Another quirky fashion trend of the past were the denim overalls. A low-maintenance look made famous by Will Smith in the Fresh Prince and other nineties celebs. If you wanted to look extra cool, you’d obviously wear it with one strap undone... 'Wicked'

Cropped pants
A cropped trouser leg was a top trend between the nineties and the mid-noughties. For jeans, pedal pushers were the in thing, and normally worn in a light denim or pastel shades. This denim trend was rocked by fashionistas at the time like the Spice Girls and Christina Aguilera. We're seeing the pedal pusher trend coming back around, with many celebs sporting their designer cropped jeans. Jennifer Lawrence wore them with heels and a sheer top for Dior’s SS17 Paris show and Selena Gomez has been spotted in a pair, teamed with patent loafers and a casual white shirt.

Cropped combat trousers were also a huge trend. British girl band, All Saints, were seemingly big fans and rocked cargo pants, crop tops and trainers. Two-piece tracksuits were also worn a lot. Celebrities who were idolised at the time like Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton started the trend. Britney even had her bridal party dressed in two-piece tracksuits ahead of her wedding to Kevin Federline. But like many trends, they became over-worn and soon were 'so last season' 

Obviously the platform trainer has to get a special mention. Platforms were a huge trend in the 90s (and often literally quite huge) and again, started by every girl’s fashion icons - the Spice Girls. Whether they were white tennis shoes, lace-up boots or sandals, they had to have a huge platform which you could stomp around in with that positive girl power attitude the Spice Girls loved to promote. We're now seeing the return of the platform with Rihanna’s range of Puma platformed trainers and (for something more alternative) Gucci’s rainbow platform metallic sneakers that are currently on sale. 

How could we forget jelly shoes? It is thought that they were invented due to a leather shortage during World War II, leading to a French shoemaker creating shoes from plastic. This is one of the trends that has come and gone throughout the years, with a surge of the shoes in 2002 and another rise to popularity in 2009. 

As with all fashion trends, we probably won’t have seen the back of all of them, and, there’s bound to be many more fads to come that we’ll probably cringe at, before once again, buying into.  

What has been your favourite trend to have re-surfaced?


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