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With summer drawing to an end and September meaning that many of us will be starting to go back to school, college or university, now is the perfect time to really start to focus on what it is we want to gain from the upcoming academic year. Initially, it might be difficult to make the transition from summer holidays to 'back to school' and getting out of the 'on vacation' mindset can not only be hard, but at times feel a little bit miserable. With that considered, one way to get motivated and ready for getting that head stuck into some books is something I have loved doing at the start of the new school year ever since I was a child. Stationary shopping!

Remember on the first day back to school, how everyone was so excited to show off their new pencil case, their new folders, and if they were really lucky, their cool flexi-ruler? Well, as an adult, the stationary excitement is still very much real for so many of us, but these days, it's less about the flexi-ruler, and more about being practical and organised. Whether that's from customised document folders, fancy ring binders or printed notebooks. Nothing makes you want to get organised more than a brand new tabbed dividing folder. Am I right? Making sure those supplies are aesthetically pleasing definitely helps to beat the back to school blues. Who said education had to be boring! After all, there has to be some good things about long days in the library when we have become so used to lazy days at the beach. 

If you are soon to be going back to school, college or university, here are some important things to remember to help you along the way:

You get out what you put in.
This doesn't just apply to studying, but life in general, it's so very true! You are only going to get the results you deserve, if you put in the time. Apply yourself as best you can, and don't let small things distract you from the bigger picture.

Organisation is key
Staying on top of the work will really help you in the long run. As I said before, choosing the right stationary and folders can really help keep everything organised. You might want to put off that assignment, but the longer you put it off, the more effort it will soon become. Try to manage your time efficiently and if you know you are going to find an essay or a piece of coursework difficult, allow for that within your time schedule. 

It is is OK to ask for help if you need it.
There is never any shame in wanting to better yourself! Staying after hours, asking for additional help from a tutor or even a friend is never anything to be ashamed of. Sometimes it can feel like we are failing if we fall behind or find something more challenging than our peers, but the important thing is not to compare yourself to others and always think of your own needs first.

Never lose sight of what it is you want to gain from the academic year.
One of the best ways that you can stay motivated is to imagine yourself at the end of the year with the best grades or end goal that you could have achieved. That will inspire you to put the time and effort in. Let yourself be your own motivation! Yourself finishing as a better, more educated, person.

Good luck, you've got this!


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