Preparing Your Home For Winter

When the days are short and the evenings are long, and outside it's cold and gloomy, you want to make sure you have a home which is well prepared for a long winter when staying in is often much preferred over going out, and cosy nights under a blanket become a regular occurrence. There are many ways in which we can improve our homes, some of them are simple, some of them may require more time or money. I've created a list of ways in which you can achieve a better winter-proof home.


Blankets & Throws A Plenty
You can never have too many blankets! Snuggling up under a blanket in the winter is such a cosy home comfort. Spending an afternoon or an evening with a good book or TV show and your favourite blanket is the ultimate cosy winter experience. They are a simple way to add some colour and texture to a room too, and with so many fabrics to choose from there is a throw or blanket out there for everyone.

Protect Your Home From Draughts
Nobody wants a draughty home, but there are cost-effective ways in which we can prevent draughts in the home which can be a real problem, especially in older buildings where windows and doors have had to face years of wear and tear. Investing a small amount into various draught excluding products is something which will in turn, help you save money on heating bills and generally help to keep your home warmer. You can purchase draught excluders for external and internal doors and windows, fitting a draught excluder into your letterbox, or buying some draught excluder tape to go around door frames and window seals. Thermal curtains are another great way to help keep the cold from outside away, and they are well worth spending a little more money on.

Heating Your Home In Style
If you are not lucky enough to have an open fire or a log fire in the home and therefore rely on central heating through radiators, there is an exquisite range of designer radiators on the market to make sure you are heating your home in style. A stylish radiator can become a real feature in a room whether you prefer modern styles or something more traditional. 

Be Prepared For A Winter Storm
Extreme winter weather can be dangerous, and it can also be scary. Being prepared for excessive snow, floods or a bad storm is essential. Here is a quick checklist of items you may want to stock up on in case of a winter emergency:
First Aid Kit
Extra blankets
 7 day supply of medications
A supply of non perishable food 
Bottled water
Matches & candles
Portable phone charger

Please leave any tips you have for preparing your home for winter in a comment below, I'd love to hear from you!


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