Proof That CBD Oil Is a Safer Alternative to So Many Pharmaceuticals

Perhaps you have been hearing or reading about the many benefits of CBD oil and are still afraid to give it a try? It can be empirically stated that CBDs are safer than most, if not all, chemically derived prescription pharmaceuticals on the market. Unfortunately, this is where all the controversy as to its efficacy stems from. Knowing what you do about Big Pharma in this country, do you have any doubts whatsoever why they want to keep their coffers filled while keeping the ‘little guys’ pushed back? If you are looking for proof that CBD oil is a safer alternative, it pays to understand why there is so much negative press being given to one of nature’s biggest miracles – cannabis.


One Expert Weighs In
According to Dr. Mercola, a nationally renowned D.O. and a New York Times Bestselling Author, Big Pharma is the leading reason why so many people are being kept in the dark as to the many benefits to be had in using CBD oil such as that you would buy from the wholesalers, the Cope CBD Company. He states emphatically that Big Pharma is trying to get a corner on that market and have yet been unsuccessful in their attempts to patent medications with the main active ingredient being cannabidiol. 

For a bit of background, there are two major schools of medicine in this country, one philosophy producing MDs and the other producing DOs. A doctor holding a DO can do all the same things an MD can do but it is in their approach that makes them a whole different breed. MDs treat symptoms whereas DOs seek prevention rather than treatment. This is what makes Dr. Mercola an expert you would want to listen to. He has spent his entire career helping people avoid illness rather than treating an illness once it becomes symptomatic.

The Reasons CBD Oil Is Safer Are the Reasons Big Pharma Opposes It!
Now then, let’s look at some of the proof why CBD oil is safer than pharmaceuticals. The first bit of evidence is in just how hard Big Pharma is working to invalidate the benefits. If cannabidiol was ineffective for the treatment of pain, nausea, anxiety and for its anti-inflammatory properties, they’d let the ‘fad’ run its course. However, with so many new people touting the benefits they’ve realized with CBD oil, they have waged a full-out war against mom and pop hemp farmers who are producing cannabis (hemp) so low in THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis) as to make it non-existent in those strains.

Let the Federal Government Sum It Up for You
According to Dr. Mercola, the Federal Government is going to be your best source of research when seeking to find proof that CBD oil is safer than chemical pharmaceuticals. He points out that they have now declassified CBD from a schedule I drug and that it has been found to be effective in clinical trials. He advises that you visit sites like the government’s or their literature on cannabis published on the PubMed website. He also suggests that anyone interested in learning the benefits of cannabis for those suffering chronic pain should peruse the American Pain Society’s website. Even having said all that, the number one proof that CBDs are effective is the fact that Big Pharma is fighting with everything they’ve got to keep these much cheaper and much safer alternatives from gaining more momentum. That says it all, don’t you think?


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