Thinking of Vaping? Consider These Things Before You Start

If you’re ready to give up smoking for the good of your health, you’ve probably heard a lot about trying vaping instead. Vaping is now acknowledged to be a healthier choice than smoking since no combustion takes place and none of those harmful toxins are released into the lungs. However, vaping often looks complicated to those who’ve never tried it. If you’re thinking of vaping, here’s some things to think about before you start.

Different E-Cig Types
There isn’t just one type of e-cig. There are several different vaping products out there, and you need to find the right one for you.
Many new vapers opt for a disposable e-cig which can be bought in lots of places – even gas stations – however they aren’t especially powerful. They’re a really simply way to get started with vaping, but when you’re ready to upgrade to something a bit better there are lots of different cig-a-likes and vape pens on the market which give you a bit more power and control. You can get information here about choosing the right vape pen to suit your personal vaping style. Once you’re an advanced and experienced vaper, you’ll probably want to upgrade to a box mod. This is where real fun can be had. Box mods give you huge clouds and great flavor, letting you control the temperature and wattage for the perfect experience for you.
Is There A Difference Between Direct To Lung And Mouth To Lung Devices?
Some vaping devices are DTL (direct to lung) while others are MTL (mouth to lung) devices. The type of device you choose will mean you need to inhale differently so you need to find one which suits your preferences.
Cig-a-likes, disposable e-cigs and pod vaping devices are all MTL devices. This means you draw vapor into the mouth before you inhale it. It’s very like smoking regular cigarettes and so MTL devices are popular with new vapers. Box mods are DTL devices and produce an airier vape which is directly inhaled into the lungs.
Find Out Where You Can Vape
Lots of new vapers think that they can vape anywhere but this isn’t the case. It will depend on where you live and what local regulations are. Some states have completed banned vaping in any space where smoking is prohibited already. That means no vaping in enclosed restaurants, bars and workplaces. Some places allow individual premises to decide on their own regulations. That means some restaurants, workplaces and bars will permit vaping. You’ll need to check it out before you activate your device.
What Nicotine Strength Do You Need?
Flavor might be important, but nicotine strength is really one of the top things to consider when you choose an e-juice. You need to choose the right nicotine strength for you based on the amount you smoked. If you’ve never smoked regular cigarettes, 0mg/ml e-juice is right for you. If you were a light smoker, a 3mg/ml e-juice is probably fine with average smokers finding 6mg/ml being ideal. If you were a very heavy smoker, an e-juice of around 12mg/ml or 18mg/ml is best.
There are two ingredients which are often found in e-juices. PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) are bases used to produce e-liquid and the ratio in which they are mixed affects the flavor and thickness of your e-liquid.
VG heavy e-juices are thicker and require more heating, so you’ll need a box mod usually if you’re planning on vaping a high VG e-liquid. PG heavy e-liquids are thinner and more suitable for use with a wider range of devices. They produce a stronger throat hit – ideal for a new vaper. However, some people are allergic to PG and so need a VG e-juice.
Take Care With Your Batteries
Batteries can be dangerous if you don’t care for them properly. Some devices have in-built batteries which can only be charged inside the device. Others have removable batteries which can be taken out, charged and replaced. You need to always buy batteries from reputable suppliers and when you carry them, keep them in your vaping device or inside a carrying case. If the battery starts to look damaged, buy replacements.
If you keep these things in mind, your new vaping experience should be an excellent one. Vaping is great fun, so enjoy!


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