Create A Room Your Kids Will Love

Are you moving into a new home and need to redecorate a bedroom for your children? Or is it simply time to give your kids’ existing bedroom a makeover? Whichever is the case, you’ll want to be sure that you’ve created a space that your kids are going to love sleeping in and spending time in. 
Here are some great ideas to incorporate into your children’s room design that are sure to hit the spot.


Get The Colors Right
It might be very tempting to choose your child’s favorite color for their bedroom, but remember that kids’ tastes change all the time. What they love today they might hate tomorrow. How many parents have gone all-out and created a Pokemon or My Little Pony themed bedroom only for their little ones to develop a new fixation after just a few months?
It’s always wise to choose a neutral paint color for the walls, and then you can add hints of their favorite color in the form of bed linen, decorations and pillows. These can easily be changed when your child is fed up of pink, blue, green or luminous orange!

Choose Lasting Furniture
It can be tempting to select furniture that’s on trend for kids today, but remember that you probably won’t want to redecorate your children’s room every couple of years. If you choose timeless pieces like wrought iron bedframes paired with comfortable twin mattresses, they’ll still be suitable for your child to use well into their teenage years. Their bed can simply be dressed in different ways to suit your child’s tastes as they grow. You can get more info here about how to choose the right mattresses for your child’s bed.

Choose A Timeless Rug
While you’re investing in items that are in it for the long-haul, it’s time to think about area rugs too. Avoid toy truck and Barbie-themed rugs. Instead, choose a classic rug with a geometric print or classic striped pattern which will stay useful and appealing for many years to come without having to invest in another expensive floor covering.

Consider Storage
Your kids are going to need more storage than you can possibly imagine. While they’re small, you might not think that they need very much in the way of wardrobe space or drawers, however as they grow you suddenly discover that little people accumulate a serious amount of stuff. Storage is therefore going to be a vital element in the design of any children’s bedroom. 
Consider going for in-built wall storage whenever possible. This will help you to save space and will maintain a stylish, streamlined look in their room. With inbuilt shelving and cabinets as well as display space, your child will have room for everything they need now and in the future with enough space to display their books, toys, trophies and treasures as well as sufficient room to store all those clothes that they’re going to need!

Window Coverings
Again, you can save money by choosing a window covering which will grow as your child grows. Traditional Roman blinds or curtains in neutral colors are practical and will stay looking good for many years to come. They’ll also go well with whatever colors your child chooses to decorate their 
room in.

Cool Details
Although all the things that we’ve mentioned so far are practical and useful, your child is going to really appreciate some cool touches and details that add a little extra fun to their space. Why not consider a hanging set of baskets that they can store their toys in within easy reach? Or what about a set of colorful toy boxes under their bed so they can quickly and easily put away key items without having to stretch or struggle? A cute bean bag is another great addition to any child’s room, giving your kid a cozy and comfortable place to stretch out and read, listen to music or text their friends when they get older!

With these tips in mind, your child’s room will be a beautiful, comfortable place for your kid to hang out for many years to come. Both you and your child are sure to be happy with the results!


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